Aquamarine, stone and its meaning

Aquamarine, stone and its meaning

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Aquamarine, stone and its meaning. Properties in crystal therapy. How to use it, blue and yellow variety; effects on the chakra.

L'aquamarine, just like emerald, it is a variety of beryl. The color depends on the presence of titanium or iron. The peculiarity of aquamarine is that the heat can cause a change in color as well as exposure to solar radiation.

Aquamarine, the stone in crystal therapy

L'aquamarineit's aStonewidely used in crystal therapy. It is used to increase self-confidence, courage and to improve communication with the Divine. According to thecrystal therapy, L'aquamarinewould be able to help to forget old pains, to make peace with the past and with oneself.

It's aStonesuitable for those who tend to hold a grudge or feed anger: it is useful for relieving tensions and stress and for embarking on a journey made of positivity resilience. It is considered the crystal of self-healing.

Aquamarine and chakras

It falls within theheart chakra, thus expresses a powerful and disarming energy. Despite referring to achakradifferent, the aquamarine shares somepropertyand meanings with Agate and Lapis Lazuli stones. These three stones, in the light blue / blue variants, stimulate empathy and access to a higher emotionality. Of the three, aquamarine is considered the most powerful forchakrawhich represents.

Although cyan (teal) aquamarine is the best known, there are variants. Aquamarine can be an intense blue, transparent or yellow. In the next paragraph we will analyze a bit of the chemistry that gives the different colors to the same crystal.

Classic aquamarine, blue and yellow aquamarine

L'aquamarine, in its best known form, is a blue or cyan variant of beryl with which it shares the reference chemical formula: Be3To the2Yes6OR18.

It is no coincidence that the yellow berylit is known asaquamarine chrysoliteoryellow aquamarine.

The deep blue aquamarine is calledmaxixe. The blue aquamarine (Maxixe) is extracted from sites in Madagascar. The particularity ofblue aquamarine is that it tends to white when the stone is exposed to sunlight or heat and then turns towards its original color.

The blue color ofaquamarineit is attributed to the presence of ionic iron at the level of Fe oxidation2+. When ionic iron is able to accept three electrons, (Fe3+), the aquamarine turns yellow.

When both iron ions coexist in the same beryl, the color becomes a bright blue as in the case of the maxixe.

The discoloration of intense blue aquamarine through light or heat occurs due to a simple chemical reaction that sees the passage of charge between the Fe ions3+ and Fe2+.

How to use aquamarine in crystal therapy

Unlike many crystals used to protect the body, theaquamarineit is mainly used in moments of meditation or when crystal therapy is aimed at relaxation.

It is useless to exploit the properties of aquamarine during a hectic day: you need to be prepared to get in touch with the energy of this beautiful stone.

During relaxation, the aquamarine should be held in the hands, at the height of the heart chakra.

To increase concentration levels during meditation with aquamarine, it might be useful to imagine an expanse of clear and clear sea. The mind should be cleared of all worries. We should dwell on what our goals are, letting any memory that may arouse anger or resentment slip away into the abyss of the deepest waters.

Themeaningthat conceals this stone is that of emotional healing, of the deepest peace. If you believe you have taken the right path, you can wear aquamarine in the form of a jewel, the ideal would be a necklace with a pendant pendant placed between the heart and throat chakra. This choice is also suitable if you are trying to overcome pain related to a loss or a separation suffered.

For all information on prices and various jewels with aquamarine, we refer you tothis Amazon page.

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