Air conditioner without external unit

Air conditioner without external unit

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Air conditioners without external unit: fixed or portable air conditioners without external unit so as to facilitate the installation of the monobloc.

To research a goodthermal comfort air conditioners are very useful tools. It is necessary, in order not to nullify the energy consumed by these electrical appliances, to make the house proof of heat loss.

The real enemy of the electricity bill is thebad insulation. A well-insulated house guarantees maximum thermal comfort with minimum electricity consumption.

In the event of aesthetic constraints of the building, it may be forbidden to install the external air conditioning unit on the facade of the building or on the balcony. This prohibition is not uncommon in contexts of high historical-artistic value. In this context, i can be very comfortableair conditioners without outdoor unit.

Air conditioners without outdoor unit:fixed monobloc

THEair conditioners without outdoor unitthey are designed to perform together the functions that are normally carried out by two different devices (the internal split and the external unit). This requirement makes them more bulky because both the evaporating and condensing parts are incorporated in a single body.

To reduce the size, they were bornbuilt-in monobloc air conditioners. Installation is easy.

The monobloc air conditioners (without outdoor unit) can be installed with the DIY. Just drill two holes in the back of the wall that allow the air to be drawn and expelled respectively. The holes that allow the passage of the pipes are then covered by thin plastic grids in the shape of a porthole. The holes are minimally invasive and minimize the aesthetic impact on the facade.

To reduce the clutter inside the house, you can choose space-saving monoblocks (compact models) or built-in monoblocks.

The prices of monobloc air conditioners without external unit vary widely according to needs. For class A models it starts from around 600 euros and then reaches 2,000 euros. Among the top-of-the-range models on the market we point out Unico Inverter 13 A + HP by Olimpia Splendid. It is able to guarantee low consumption thanks to the Dual Inverter Mode technology which makes it suitable for those looking for a monoblock that consumes little and cools large rooms. The only sore point is the price: it is around 1,700 euros. For all information (current market price, capacity, noise level, consumption ...), I refer you to the product sheet on Amazon: Unico Inverter 13 A +.

We have reported this model because it is very complete and with excellent consumption. This air conditioner not only cools in summer but also produces warm air in winter with the heat pump function. It has a filtering system to purify the air.

Air conditioners without outdoor unit:portable air conditioners

Let's get one thing straight, they exist portable air conditioners without outdoor unit but there are no portable air conditioners without hose. The tube represents the great limitation of such devices. It is possible to move the monobloc from one room to another because it has wheels, however it is always necessary to place it near windows to allow the exchange of air from a pipe.

THEportable air conditionersthey are much cheaper than thefixed monoblocs without outdoor unit. As already described in the articlesilent portable air conditioners, some of the best models are those of the Silent series by Pinguino de Longhi.

Among the best portable air conditionerscurrently on the market, in addition to the PAC An 112 model, we can point out the PAC EX 100 model (from the same Silent Pinguino de Longhi series) which approaches the same price range. It can be bought with 669 euros. It is equipped with a timer and is suitable for cooling rooms up to 110 square meters. It uses R290 gas and Real Feel technology which in addition to controlling the temperature also decreases the humidity levels for greater thermal comfort.

Also in this case, for all the information we invite you to read the product data sheet:PAC EX 100 Silent Penguin de Longhi.

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