Hot milk and honey: properties

Hot milk and honey: properties

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Hot milk and honey, a winter drink but not only. It would be a shame to limit ourselves to sipping it in a few months of the year and maybe only when we have a cold or a sore throat, given the numerous and sometimes not very obvious benefits it gives us. There are those who drink hot milk and honey in the morning and those in the evening, nobody forbids us to have a snack or to break up the morning with a sweet, steaming and healthy cup.

Warm milk and honey for sore throats

It is perhaps the property that is automatically associated with a cup of hot milk and honey to heal a sore throat. It is true to all intents and purposes, it works, and there are also those who add a small amount of grappa or rum, very minimal but which "disinfects" if you follow the non-abstain grandmother's remedies. In any case, warm milk and honey are healthy; milk is rich in vitamin A, those of group B and D, of minerals, calcium first of all, and then it contains animal proteins and lactic acid. The properties of honey are well explained, as far as sore throats are concerned, in our other dedicated article: Benefits of honey: properties.

Hot milk and honey: calories

A cup of warm milk and honey how many calories does it contain? Calculating them starting from grams it is necessary to take into account that they are about 400 calories every 100 grams. It is certainly not a light drink, such as hot tea or herbal tea. It is not comparable but neither are the advantages.

Our cup of milk with honey has important purifying and antimicrobial properties that give excellent results even for the skin, more radiant and healthy. There are also some beauty products whose calories you don't need to know, based on milk and honey, very effective. If we are very attentive to the line, but also to the skin, let's prepare a nice bath of milk and honey, mixed in equal parts in the bath water.

Hot milk and honey: properties

We have already mentioned some of them, let's see them more carefully. Hot milk and honey it can be considered to all intents and purposes a natural remedy for her antibacterial, antioxidant and antifungal, calming and anti-inflammatory properties.

It works by alleviating problems of the respiratory tract and has prebiotic properties: it stimulates the growth and development of good bacteria giving a hand to the intestine and digestive system. This turns it into a useful food for avoiding constipation, cramps, abdominal bloating and bad bacteria.

Hot milk and honey: how to prepare it

A cup of warm milk and honey can be comfortably prepared with a microwave oven, choosing partially skimmed milk and honey of the "taste" we prefer. I recommend the chestnut one but if it is good honey, it will certainly do us good even if it is of other varieties.

Warm milk and honey before bed

Drinking a cup of it before bed is a great way to get to sleep. especially if we are often assaulted by insomnia. Separately milk and honey are very useful for one good sleep, together they give results that may surprise the most skeptical.

There are those who prefer well warm milk and honey in the morning, in this case there are different advantages. With a few sips improves the resistance of the body, they take proteins and carbohydrates that stimulate the metabolism. Not only can children sip milk and honey, on the contrary, as they age, this mix is ​​recommended because calcium is better taken and absorbed like this compared to others.

To enjoy one cup of hot milk and honey you can buy ad hoc mugs, even on Amazon, or rather a set of 6, to 7 euros, very elegant and simple, like the taste of the drink itself.

Milk and honey cough children

In winter warm milk and honey for breakfast can help prevent coughs and colds, even in children. Given the very pleasant taste, it is not even very difficult to convince them. One cup a day and constipation, flatulence and others are also avoided bowel problems.

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