Tornadoes in Italy

Tornadoes in Italy

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Tornadoes in Italy, they are often seen by now, and the news, television and radio tell us about them with many details and the bulletin of the people involved and the damage caused. But what are they? And why are they formed? And why more and more often? Their presence partly falls within the effects of climate change in progress, but there have always been phenomena so that it is good to start understanding what characteristics they have.

In meteorology the Tornadoes, also called tornado or tùrbine, are violent whirlpools of air that originate at the base of a cumulonimbus and reach the ground. They have an impressive destructive power, they release a high amount of energy. In the Mediterranean, tornadoes are among the most violent phenomena that can be seen today.

Trumpets Trumpets: how they are formed

Often the tornadoes they are associated with extremely violent summer thunderstorms, and can travel hundreds of kilometers giving rise to winds of up to 500 km / h. When a tornado there are some particular atmospheric characteristics that must be propitious for the formation of cumulonimbus clouds.

This means, for example, variable winds depending on the height and masses of hot and humid air dominated by a cold and dry one. When the first rises and condenses, strong thunderstorms form and gradually the tornadoes, the most violent, however, originate from particularly violent storms such as supercells.

There are other situations that lead to the formation of tornadoes, for example that characterized by the presence of cold currents at high altitude which feed the convective motion of the cumulonimbus and stimulate its rotation.

tornadoes in Italy

In Italy in recent years we have heard more often about air horns, usually appear as a sort of "funnel" that starts from a cumulonimbus and reaches the ground or the surface of the sea. If it reaches the ground, it also raises a lot of dust.

The diameter di this vortex can vary from 100 to 500 meters, in Italy it does not exceed this measure but in the USA it even exceeds 1 km in diameter, in terms of height, always remaining in Italy, it does not go beyond 1000 meters but it is often less, even just a couple of hundred meters.

Tornadoes of air Rome

Among the most recent tornadoes that arrived in the newspapers, there is that of November 6, 2016 when the capital was hit by a storm that created inconvenience not only in the city. They have been uncover the houses, there were fallen trees, gutted and flooded buildings and two victims and several injured were recorded in the north of Rome.

Tornadoes of air Genoa

Genoa is also often subject to tornadoes, one of the most recent is that of 14 October 2016, which caused several injuries and considerable damage. The gusts of wind reached 120 km per hour

Dreaming of tornadoes

Dreaming of this type of such violent atmospheric phenomena is a symptom of "violent" emotional tensions. Those who do this habitually are anxious, under stress, in chaos, or feel in an out of control situation that degenerates.
There are also those who dream tornadoes when it is about to face a decisive change which causes fear and nervousness.

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