Homemade visciolata

Homemade visciolata

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Homemade visciolata: how to prepare thesour cherry wine. There recipe traditional of sour cherry liqueur that so much resembles a good sweet wine.

In the articlehow to prepare the maraschinowe have already given you one recipes to prepare a good homemade sour cherry liqueur. On this page we will talk about the traditional visciolata or simplysour cherry, providing you with the original recipeand telling you about its origins.

Sour cherry or sour cherry wine

Therevisciolatait's aalcoholic liquorbased onsour cherries. Its gradation reaches 14 degrees and, due to its characteristics, it can be defined as asweet dessert wine with the fragrance of sour cherries. For the ingredients used, thevisciolatais commonly known assour cherry winehowever the wordingwineit is incorrect from a legislative point of view. In fact, by law, a wine must be produced exclusively from grapes.

Therevisciolatais known by several names such as:

  • svisciola
  • visner
  • wìhsila
  • visciolato
  • sour cherry wine
  • sour cherry or sour cherry liqueur

We are talking about a typical product of the Marche obtained from a typically sour cherry. Theresour cherryis one of the three sour cherry varieties of Prunus cerasus. Thevisciolo(the plant) grows spontaneously in the hills near Pergola, a characteristic village in the province of Pesaro and Urbino.

Homemade visciolata, the original recipe

Wine, sour cherries and sugar. Here are the only ingredients listed in thehomemade sour cherry recipe.

The ancient recipe used in the town of Pergola, in the Marche region, is simple to prepare and handed down from generation to generation by local farmers. In fact, once upon a time, the sour cherry plant was treated almost like a weed in this area. Only a few farmers used it for the preparation ofliquorfor home use. Today thesour cherryit is a liqueur appreciated throughout the national territory and the visciolo is specially cultivated.

For thisrecipeyou will have to usesour cherriesfully ripe, harvested between late June and early July. You will also need a small household press or press.

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The ripe sour cherries at your disposal must be completely covered with the previous year's red wine. Generally a red wine from the area is used, such as red wineVernaccia Rossa(known as Aleatico). In any case, you can also use Sangiovese or Montepulciano or, at your discretion, a blend of these wines in order to make the liqueur with advanced wines!

To get asour cherry liqueurmoreflavored, the sour cherries before being put to macerate, are subjected to a partial drying by spreading them on mesh racks exposed to the sun.

In practice, before putting the sour cherries to macerate you will have to dry them for a few days. In this way, the ripe sour cherrieswither in the sun, they will pulp in the wine releasing all the aromas.

Wait 5 - 6 months of maceration. After waiting, proceed with a pressing where you will eliminate the solid parts that have not become one with the wine.

After pressing, it is possible to filter everything in a very dense mesh sieve or wait for the natural clarification.

Only after the refinement phase will it be possible to add sugar. Sugar should not be added first to avoid fermentation processes that would alter the alcohol content and taste of the wine.

The amount of sugar is added according to your palate needs and also to the degree of acidity of the sour cherries used. Each year, in fact, the sour cherry harvest can present a different degree of acidity that must be corrected with an adequate amount of sugar.

In order not to be mistaken, add wine and taste it, until you reach the right pleasantness.

Here she ispreparation of the sour cherryIn summary:

  • Harvest the ripe cherries between the end of June and the beginning of July.
  • Dry the sour cherries in the sun for a few days.
  • Put the sour cherries to macerate in wine.
  • Wait 5 or 6 months.
  • Carry out a pressing.
  • Wait for the natural clarification of the liqueur or filter.
  • Sweeten by adding sugar.

Respecting tradition, prepare thesour cherry winein stainless steel, wood or glass container.

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