What time to train

What time to train

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What time to train, it is not a trivial question and to be taken lightly, because the results of our physical efforts also depend a lot on the time of day in which we do them. So beforeget going, with enthusiasm, we pause to reflect, and to read, for optimize our efforts and not waste our breath.

What time to train is best

To get the maximum benefits, what time to train? You cannot answer in a banal and generic way, with a "standard" answer that is valid for everyone, a lot it depends on our physical condition and what we expect from our training.

It is necessary to know a little bit of chronobiology which teaches us how various human functions such as hormone production and i changes in temperature and mood, have their own rhythmic pattern. There are rhythms that, if we ask ourselves what time to train, we need to know: circadian and daily ones, so you can evaluate when to exercise.

THE circadian rhythms among other things, they tell us how the hormones that affect training behave, for example GH presents three significant peaks during the day, the two highest are in the first and fourth hours after falling asleep. Then, there is testosterone which has a peak between 6 and 7 and another at 17.30, cortisol between 7 and 8 in the morning has its maximum peak. These indications are important to understand at what time to train.

What time to train for weight loss

If our goal is to lose weight, then the aerobic session must be done in the morning to take advantage of the GH peak and the maximum levels of cortisol, hormones that have a slimming effect. IS' better to do aerobic activity on an empty stomach: overnight fasting will drastically reduce glycogen stores, so we will go to burn fat directly.

What time to train for mass

You don't always train to lose weight, on the contrary, often you want to increase muscle volume, in this case the answer to the question "what time to train?" changes. The agenda must be rewritten by putting training in the early afternoon with a peak of testosterone that is responsible for muscle growth and a peak of adrenaline that gives us a boost.

Before concluding, it is good to specify that rather than not doing physical activity, it is better to do it even if not at the recommended times. It is obvious that not everyone can take it freedom to train at the optimal time, the first thing to avoid is a total sedentary lifestyle.

What time to train: bodybuilding

To start body building it is good to get accurate information: being one very "tough" practice, it is necessary not to improvise. The "Weightlifting practical guide"By FIPE Strenght academy, on Amazon for 15 euros.

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