Did you know that some foods and drinks can increase anxiety?

Did you know that some foods and drinks can increase anxiety?

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You are driving down the highway and you see the flashing lights of a patrol car behind you. Even though you know you are not a criminal, and this is a routine traffic stop, you have a lump in your throat and you feel like you might vomit due to nausea. You are experiencing anxiety.

For you, the situation is caused by a temporary disorder in your nervous system, but the distress you feel is not circumstantial and does not go away for many people. Did you know that anxiety is one of the most common mental illnesses and yet it is one that many people try to manage without the help of a specialist?


It is estimated that one in five adults suffers from an anxiety disorder, but half of those people do not receive help. They will try to self-medicate and some of their methods may do more harm than good. Fortunately, anxiety is a very treatable condition that can be managed, and one of the best ways to control the distress you feel is through the foods you eat.

Did you know that many foods can affect your nervous system and cause your anxiety to accelerate? If you are tired of feeling nail biting sensations, you should avoid these foods and drinks.


You've probably heard the diet craze about cutting out carb-laden foods like white bread, which is essential for weight loss. The reason behind this is that all of these processed foods contain refined sugars. While they affect your waistline, they can also change your mood.

Did you know that rapid fluctuations in your sugar can cause anxiety? Have you ever heard that cocaine and sugar do similar things in the body? Well, sugar is known to stimulate the same pleasure centers as the famous street drug.

The sugar will activate these pleasure centers and make you feel fantastic. However, shortly after the feeling of euphoria comes the crash. Swap white bread for whole wheat and choose brown rice over white. White foods are processed and bleached and are not good for you.


Very few people don't like chocolate. Why when you are stressed, do you crave this sweet delicacy? Chocolate contains sugar and caffeine.

Your sugar levels rise slightly, then when they go down again, you may feel your anxiety spike. Instead, try dark chocolate, which has less sugar.


Tomatoes are good for you, but why is ketchup one of the foods with such a high amount of hidden sugar? Experts say that ketchup is the model for misconceptions.

Did you know that it has as much sugar as half a cup of vanilla ice cream? All of these extra carbs play on your sugar levels and can make anxiety worse.


If you like sugary treats, do so in moderation.

You may think that these treats give your mood a boost, but the research says otherwise. In fact, Science Direct reports that carbohydrates, including sugar, do not have a positive impact on your mood.

What it does do is reward your brain and release feel-good hormones that give you a sense of pleasure. However, that reward is short-lived. When you drop from your high blood sugar, it can trigger feelings of guilt or anxiety.


Since fruit is good for you, so is juice, right? Is not difficult. Most fruit juices are only 10 percent fruit and 90 percent sugar and additives. Unless you are drinking freshly squeezed juice, you should avoid it.

When you consume juice, it's all sugar and not fiber, it makes your blood sugar levels unstable. Spikes in blood sugar can cause nervousness or worsen anxiety.


There's nothing better than onion rings, French fries, or a cream filled donut. However, there is a significant link between eating fried foods and having heart disease.

Those who eat fried foods are more likely to be obese, have type 2 diabetes, stroke, hypertension, or heart failure. Isn't that enough to cause you anxiety?


If you ever see the words "light" or "reduced fat" on your grocery store products, you should read the labels. Most of these products contain hidden sugars. Did you know that a famous tomato basil sauce found in your supermarket has nine teaspoons of sugar per serving?

All that sugar can make anxiety worse and lead to weight gain. While you think you are taking shortcuts, it appears you have been the victim of a marketing ploy. You should look at the nutrients in any salad dressing or other bottled condiments that you buy.


If a product is labeled diet, most people think it's okay. While these items may not gain weight, artificial sweeteners can be harmful to you. Did you know that you can have the same crash experience with synthetic material as with real material?

Aspartame is one of the most widely used artificial sweeteners and will stunt the production of serotonin. Serotonin is an essential neurotransmitter in managing your anxiety and moods. If you drink diet soda every day, you could be doing horrible things to your mood.


Coffee is a beloved beverage because it has a generous amount of caffeine. It can help you wake up and get going. However, a large amount of caffeine can also cause a breakdown.

Caffeine speeds up the heart and can cause fluttering or palpitations if taken in large doses. If there's one thing that can accelerate your anxiety, it's caffeinated products.


If coffee wasn't bad enough, energy drinks might have two to three times the amount of caffeine. Did you know that these drinks are so dangerous that they can cause heart attacks in some people?

The American Heart Association published a warning in 2019 based on a study of these popular drinks. They found that drinking them can cause heart problems. One man drank so many of these drinks to function every day and was left with a hole in his skull.

Experts estimate that by 2021 this booming industry will generate more than $ 61 billion. People are tired and looking for things to keep them going. Unfortunately, these drinks can make anxiety worse. Additionally, there are an average of 34 energy drink related deaths each year.


Another favorite drink among Americans is soda (soft drink). First, they are loaded with sugar. Second, they have high levels of caffeine. While they may not have as much caffeine as a cup of Joe (coffee), they are certainly one of the best drinks to avoid. It's almost as if sugar hijacks your brain and works like a drug to raise our mood and then make it worse.

Also, sodas can cause inflammation and excessive body fat, which can cause other problems within your system. Did you know that more than half of the added sugar in a typical person's diet comes from soda and other beverages? You should eat your calories, not drink them, and don't think that diet sodas are a quick fix. Stay away from these caffeine-laden drinks if you don't want to make your anxiety worse.


Many people might be surprised to find alcohol on this list to make anxiety worse, as it is often used to self-medicate depression. Sure, alcohol is a mood suppressant that can affect your feelings, but it also affects hydration and sleep.

When you consume alcohol regularly, it affects the levels of serotonin and neurotransmitters in the brain. These neurotransmitters affect your mood and factors such as depression and anxiety.

Alcohol is known to inhibit the nervous system, which is why many people drink. However, while you may feel relaxed, the effects can be counterproductive and your sleep may be disrupted.

When you don't get enough sleep, it causes anxiety and all kinds of things. It is estimated that the high-low blood sugar cycle can cause mental health disturbances.

Alcohol is fine in moderation, maybe 1-2 drinks per week. However, anything more than that can cause unhealthy patterns and can even lead to abuse.


Some say that having an anxiety disorder is like being in quicksand; the harder you try to escape, the more you sink into the well. Fortunately, there are ways you can control your anxiety and not let it win. After all, it is the easiest of all mental health disorders to control.

First, if you have an anxiety disorder, you should never try to self-medicate. There are natural things you can do to help relieve symptoms. Even something as simple as meditation or yoga can bring relief. If you have ongoing problems with this mental health disorder, you need to watch what you eat. Your body needs nutrients to survive and not all of these artificial substitutes.

Did you know that many of the conditions you face can be cured or alleviated simply by changing your diet? Mother Nature is a powerful ally in helping you manage your body's ailments. What things can you cut out of your diet to help decrease rather than worsen anxiety?

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