What agroecology do we need?

What agroecology do we need?

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Do we know how the food we consume daily is produced? Agroecology is a proposal that was born in the 1980s as a response to the ravages caused by industrial agriculture, which focused on monocultures and intensive use of pesticides.

Today, some corporations are appropriating the word agroecology, proposing to eliminate the use of pesticides, but without questioning the dominant agricultural system. They appear to be more environmentally friendly, but continue to see agriculture as a business and not as a way to feed the people.

So, we want food without pesticides, but what about land concentration, with the expulsion of the peasantry, with the destruction of forests, with the monopoly of commercialization?

The ways of producing food matter and that is why we ask ourselves: What agroecology do we need?


Direction: Ailin Vicente
Script: Lucia Vicente
Animation: Maria Victoria Picciotto
Illustrations: Maria Chevalier
Locution: Liliana Daunes
Original music: Tomas Finkelsztein
Soundtrack and mix: Sofia Salemme

This animation is part of the project "Deepening debates on agroecological experiences for food sovereignty" carried out with the support of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.

Source: Action for Biodiversity

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