Opened the first market without packaging in Argentina

Opened the first market without packaging in Argentina

It is a sustainable market concept, selling loose food and cleaning products. Without packaging and in minimal quantities.

One of the most pressing problems that mass consumption has isthe amount of waste it generates. Entering the XXI century, this represents a serious ecological problem that requires an urgent solution.

Fortunately, Responsible consumers are emerging and, what is more important, entrepreneurs who are aware and willing to face this problem of the spiral of waste, collateral damage of the society in which one lives.

Precisely, in the last days he inauguratedZero Market, a pioneer market that has two guiding ideas in line with sustainability. On the one hand, the store lacks packaging and, on the other, it divides its products into minimum units.

Cucinare spoke with Ana Pierre, partner of the brand new venture, who told everything about the project.

Cucinare: How did the idea of ​​a market with these characteristics come about?

Ana Pierre: The idea arose from a personal need. I am an economist and here I managed to combine a business with a vocation; I was bothered by the indiscriminate consumption of plastic in shops, but also the impossibility of buying minimum units. Why do I have to buy a whole cookie jar if I need, say, ten units?

C: Did you take the idea from elsewhere?

AP: The concern arose because here there was nothing similar. However, it is a modality that is doing very well in Europe and Oceania.

C: Don't you mistake them for a dietitian?

AP: Ours is a market. Taking out fresh products and alcoholic beverages, which we do not work with, you will find the same things that are in a supermarket: from cleaning supplies and personal hygiene to perishable foods. All without packaging, which in this case the customer brings.

C: What else makes them different?

AP: We have hermetically sealed containers, stainless steel drums for liquids, the products are very well displayed and we place special emphasis on hygiene. Our purpose is to simplify the life of those people accustomed to caring for the environment.

C: Isn't this type of purchase more complicated for the customer?

AP: It takes a little more time. If in a supermarket it takes you 10 minutes to take you from units to a closed package, here it may take you 15 minutes, but I assure you that it amply compensates with the shopping experience, which is definitely more fun and pleasant.

C: Are you thinking of expanding?

AP: Before starting this project, the idea was to franchise it, and even though we are only four days old, we already have a waiting list of candidates. Even so, and despite the fact that the debut is being auspicious, we want to be cautious with the decisions we make regarding our business.

Cero Market is located at Av. Monroe 2468, Belgrano, CABA. Currently, and due to the pandemic, it opens from 9 to 18.

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