Joaquin Phoenix in an advertisement about animal cruelty

Joaquin Phoenix in an advertisement about animal cruelty

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Actor Joaquin Phoenix is ​​a well-known longtime vegan and animal advocate, and has already tackled the atrocities of the leather industry, famous for donning vegan leather to play the role of Johnny Cash.

In a beautiful commercial filmed by Michael Muller, Joaquin turns his attention to wool and admits that he had not previously realized how cruel its production is.

Whether the suits are for work or play, they don't need to involve wool. Cruelty-free fabrics are becoming more and more available every day. For his PETA ad, Joaquin was outfitted by Brave GentleMan with clothing made from cutting edge vegan materials, such as "wool of the future."

Sheep are known to be docile and gentle animals, which makes their abuse even more unbearable to imagine. Like cows and dogs in the cruel leather industry and rabbits in the angora industry, sheep raised for wool suffer greatly.

Soft animals are often beaten, kicked, and mutilated so that their wool can be made into sweaters, coats, scarves, gloves, and boots.

Check out the behind-the-scenes video and exclusive interview from Joaquín's anti-wool photoshoot.

Compassion is always in fashion, and having a good heart is easier than ever. With the high demand for vegan clothing, shoes, bags and other accessories, major fashion houses and smaller retailers around the world are joining the fur-free trend, making vegan items easily accessible to consumers. .

For every stitch of wool, leather or animal skin, animals suffer an agonizing life and a painful death. Join Joaquín to revolutionize your wardrobe and promise to choose cruelty-free materials!

I will never buy wool !!! PETA

Video: Meat Eater Breaks Down After Seeing the Truth (May 2022).