A jungle in Patagonia that survived 18 million years

A jungle in Patagonia that survived 18 million years

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Quilque Lil is an urban nature reserve project, a public space with free and open access administered by the municipality of Aluminé where it is intended to establish a sort of open-air university to learn and teach local heritage.

The reserve is a place that is waiting for an ordinance that will give you the opportunity to conserve this portion of Patagonian nature to enjoy and care for it.

Within a sector of the Lanín National Park, Quillen section, considered RNE (strict natural reserve) refuge of several plant species of special value, since the place meets the conditions of what is known as the Valdivian jungle, as reported by the national park .

It turns out that the area of ​​the Quilque Lil urban reserve, including the current town of Aluminé, 18 million years ago, was a Valdivian jungle, the petrified logs found in the area of ​​Poi Pucón, Epu Pehuén, Barrera lagoon, Quilque Lil, they belong to species that still have their living relatives in the Añeguaraqui area.

Today we are working together with the Government of Neuquén, through the Copade Secretariat, under financing from the CFI that will allow us to deepen our knowledge of the natural values ​​of the area as well as to develop a Management Plan that defines the actions to address the challenges imposed by Quilque Lil”Informed Luis Ricciuto, director of the El Charrúa Municipal Museum.

In Aluminé, we work together with the Municipal Executive Department and Deliberative Council in the ordinance that will give legal support to the creation of the Quilque Lil Urban Natural Reserve, a process that has been in place since 2015, and in which committed neighbors have also participated. with the project, Provincial and National institutions such as the Pcial Delegation of Fauna, Pcial Delegation of Forests and Aluminé Delegation of the Lanín National Park.

Municipal Urban Natural Reserve Quilque Lil Project

QUILQUE LIL 🐿🌱🐦Mankind has long realized that the protection of our natural and cultural heritage is of great importance, therefore, in Aluminé we are working on an iconic place of our town for its care and preservation over time . ➡ Where is QUILQUE LIL? 📌The Quilque Lil circuit begins at the Municipal Museum "El Charrua" and extends towards the nearest hill known as "Ayoso" and its surroundings. ➡ And what do we find there? 🌲📷In the area we observe a great natural diversity associated with rocks and stones, pampas and mallines, bushes and groves. More than 120 species of plants, 96 of birds, 11 of mammals, and 7 of reptiles have been recorded. 🐜🐝🌸We can also find four archaeological sites dating from 960 years ago and are part of the archaeological heritage. Every day more people visit Quilque Lil and marvel at its natural beauty. Friends of Quilque LilMunicipal Museum and Interpretation Center "El Charrúa" Municipality of Aluminé, Neuquén

Publiée par Turismo Aluminé sur Samedi May 18, 2019

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