The Paraguayan Chaco marked by deforestation

The Paraguayan Chaco marked by deforestation

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An aerial flight over the forested region of the Chaco in the department of Boquerón, Paraguay, shows at first glance innumerable extensions of deforested land for the planting of grains.

Luis Recalde, an expert in environmental issues, explains that although the use of land is allowed by law, it should only be as long as the environmental impact and a current and authorized use plan are measured, in the same way there are things that comply.

What happens in reality is that non-compliance is quite common, both for dismounting without a management plan, and for failing to comply with the management plan that they have enabled (generally dismounting more than the stipulated area)”, Explains the expert.

Recalde points out that although this generates significant income, the agricultural model harms the quality of life of the communities, mostly indigenous people who inhabit these areas.

The Paraguayan Chaco is one of the areas with the highest concentration of land in the world, that is, very few owners concentrate a large part of the surface. While indigenous communities do not have title to their land and it often happens that these end up being sold and they are expelled, even though they have occupied that place for generations.”, Culminated.

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