A tree is worth more than a tree

A tree is worth more than a tree

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In a world where life is priced as a sale, and where death is priced as a sale, mental clarity cannot be achieved to recognize the value of ecology, since our way of life always prioritizes Man's personal satisfaction, always underestimates the holistic well-being of the Environment, and always mistreats the natural resources of planet Earth.

According to the cold pages of the dictionary, a tree is simply a plant with a thick, tall, woody trunk that branches off at a certain height from the ground.

Perhaps little or nothing we care about cutting down a tree in the Amazon, because the absence of a tree among millions of trees will not be a reprehensible ecological crime, neither here nor in Beijing, because there are plenty of steep living beings in the greenish Latin American landscape, so that there will always be enough wood in the forests, to continue consuming the destiny of society with so much consumerism, and to continue capitalizing on the obsessive need to buy capitalist love.

But perhaps we care more than the Universe, preserving the life of the only tree that lies in our community, because that living being gives shade to the people who wait for the arrival of the bus in the sunny and hot streets, because that living being gives a roof to people who, in the midst of the rain, seek shelter so as not to soak their pants in so much downpour, because that living being helps to calm us when we have a problem and we need to reflect in the park, and because that living being purifies our environment so that we don't to breathe the toxicity of the air of the industries, and not to get sick because of the burning of fossil fuels, because of the burning of urban solid waste, and because of the desertification in our Hispanic cities.

Did you know that trees symbolize wisdom, patience and strength?

If we cut down the trees in our communities, we will be in serious trouble.

They say that every day something new is learned in life, and perhaps today we will learn to respect the life of a tree.

In the branches of a tree, there are nests of birds that need the good health of the tree, to survive, to protect their young, and not to be the prey of another species of fauna. A tree symbolizes vigor for the reproductive cycle of biological diversity, its fruits nourish any little angel or devil that needs life expectancy, its seeds guarantee to see sunlight in times of darkness, and even its dry fallen leaves remind us that time must be used positively, because in the blink of an eye, a smile full of dreamy youth, will end up being an aged tear of loneliness.

Forcibly, we see that the birds are building their nests, on the traffic lights of the Hispanic highways, inside the cages of the pet stores, on the high telephone cables of the cities, on the reddish roofs of our houses, on the roofs of the buildings, on the oil platforms, on the church steeples, on the radioelectric antennas, on the flammable gasoline tanks, on the roofs of the prisons, on the boilers of the nuclear stations, and even on the labels of the explosives armories.

Without the presence of the warm trunk of an organic tree, birds have been replacing tree branches with synthetic surfaces to build their nests, including concrete blocks, cast metal bars, old newsprint, cardboard boxes thrown in the streets, and security cords with high electrical voltage.

We are so cynical, that we applaud the great creativity of the little birds, because they can change the wooden trunk for a polyethylene trunk, and we are so hypocritical, that we support the felling of trees in the deforested forests, because it helps the birds to be more ingenious, more resistant and more sovereign.

I know that I am right. A tree is worth more than a tree. But it is impossible to sensitize a heart of stone.

Unfortunately, in the world the hearts of stones abound, and there are more hearts of stones gravitating on planet Earth, than trees groaning and crying on the blessed paths of the Amazon, so generating ecological awareness in the heart of a rock is a more difficult task, than to acknowledge our sins in the sand today, and ask for holy forgiveness on the fig tree.

We are not empathetic to the pain of others, we are not empathic to the suffering of others, and we are always indifferent to the misfortune of others.

Until the pain does not touch the door of our house, until the suffering does not seep into the walls of our home, and until the indifference of the neighbor does not steal our only illusion of life, because we will never be empathetic with the misfortune of another living being, and we definitely always choose to watch TV and eat junk food, rather than turn off the TV and show solidarity with you.

They say that nobody knows what they have, until they lose it. I know that the fateful day for the history of Humanity will come, when the felling of a simple tree germinated by the work and grace of Mother Nature, will be a true Ecocide that will spoil the survival of our modern society.

Will cutting down a simple tree be considered an Ecocide?

Today we all know that reality surpasses fiction, but in a very few years, we will all know that fiction will surpass reality.

I would like to be ecologically wrong, but I know that sooner rather than later, that fateful doomsday will come with the legendary sound of the chainsaw, but without the possibility of replanting trees in the murdered Eden, and without the possibility of returning to felling trees in the same murdered Eden, because finally the seedbed was left empty and without seeds to cultivate, because the sweating slaves got tired of carving the transgenic Eden of the transnational companies, and because fortunately the eternal fire of divine justice, could burn the eternal vileness that corrupts the energy of Man, and returned to us the sound of the trumpet with the tree-lined cross of peace.

Throughout my Venezuelan childhood, trees were a great source of wisdom, and now that I am living my adulthood, I must recognize that trees help me cope with the depressing ups and downs of life, because although they often go unnoticed , because although many times they are silent, and because although many times they are cut down to build shopping centers, I know that a tree reconnects us with the natural value of wildlife, reconnects us with the treasures of God's perfect creation, reconnects us with good discernment and it regenerates our mentality, which always escapes our hands, because of the daily and insane city hubbub.

We all remember the famous phrase that says: "The leaf of a tree does not move, if it is not the will of God", although there are many people who claim to be supposedly Christian, but who decide to cut down trees to exacerbate political conflicts in their countries, to build sports stadiums without environmental licenses, to kill animals by building monumental bullrings, and even to build churches and religious temples that worship God Money.

I also remember hearing a story in my childhood, which stated that if a person fell a tree on Good Friday, a bloodstain would appear on the felled wood, and the person would feel the need to commit suicide. Out of respect for the passion of Jesus in Holy Week, and for my ecological values ​​that respect the life of the tree, I have never verified whether the story is myth or reality.

Nor do I forget the glorious Hymn to the Tree, which said: "We owe solicitous love to the tree, never forget that it is God's work."

During my Venezuelan childhood, many times I fell asleep and fell asleep, listening to that beautiful song that my mother and my sisters sang to me at night to really sleep in holy peace.

But at my dismal puberty, the scars of bullying came, and the fatalities of addictive violent video games arrived.

I still remember a dark scene from the Mortal Kombat 2 video game, where the trunks of the trees were transformed into diabolical human faces, as the fighters beat and slaughtered themselves on a television screen, which became a monstrous technological device , used to destroy the mental health of young people.

I also remember very popular sayings in Venezuela, such as:

"Tree that is born crooked, its trunk never straightens"

"You don't have to make firewood from the fallen tree"

I am sure that the healing power of God is capable of straightening and reforming a tree, whose trunk was born and grew crooked. I say this from my personal life experience.

And certainly, if there is a brother who is suffering tribulations on his drifting boat, we must not finish sinking him to the bottom of the sea, since on the contrary, we must help him and rescue him from the abyss with a good life preserver, so that he learns to recognize Jesus Christ as your only beacon of salvation.

There is also an unforgettable biblical scene, in which Jesus used his saliva to heal a blind man in Bethsaida. The blind man said he saw people as walking trees, after Jesus wet his eyes with the saliva. But when Jesus put his hands again on the eyes of the blind man, then the sick man completely recovered his sight, and saw God's miracle clearly.

Dear reader friend, be honest and answer me:

Do you still see blurry trees walking in the streets?

Did you open your eyes to see and respect the treasures of the Pachamama?

If the classic environmental apathy of citizens, still has you seeing trees that walk in the streets, and you do not want to go crazy in a World that prohibits the practice of Conservationism, then perhaps you can open the eyes of ecological awareness, thanks to our dear and remembered Pink Panther, which in the past helped me promote the culture of recycling, and now it will help me defend the life of a living being called a tree.

In the cartoon series called "The Pink Panther", we saw a great socio-environmental criticism in the episode titled "Pink Campaign", and then we will explain it, for the intellectual benefit of the readers.

Within the vastness of the forest, the Pink Panther was living comfortably high up on the trunk of a tree. There he had managed to build his dream “Home Sweet Home”, and we saw that the panther was relaxing on the sofa in his house, drinking a cup of tea, and enjoying the peace that the forest offers.

Suddenly, the panther felt like his house began to shake with fury, as if it were an earthquake, whose epicenter was his "Home Sweet Home".

Due to the incessant noise and the constant tremors, the Pink Panther looked out the window of his house, and observed a woodcutter who, with a chainsaw in hand, was cutting down the tree where the big cat had built his house.

In no time, the woodcutter cut down the tree where the Pink Panther built his house, and it was thanks to the use of an improvised umbrella that our feline was able to cushion and soften the fall on the wooded ground, while he watched as the woodcutter carried all the wood felled in his truck, and quietly left the felled forest, without thinking about the consequences of the environmental crime committed.

After seeing the desolate panorama full of deforestation, and enraged to see that even his cup of tea was broken into pieces by the aggressive chainsaw, as we saw that the Pink Panther planned to take revenge on the woodcutter, who turned his "Home Sweet Home" in a bitter corporate nightmare.

The Pink Panther quickly decided to pursue the lumberjack, following the trail of the truck he was driving, and seeing him reach the sawmill where he worked. Then the panther followed the trail of the lumberjack's car, to finally see him park his car, and enter his beautiful house with joy.

After seeing that the woodcutter entered his home, the Pink Panther did not hesitate to steal the door of his house, and without being surprised by the woodcutter, he took it to a new place in the forest, far from his feline house felled and collapsed. .

The dawn of a new day came, and after the woodcutter picked up the newspaper on the lawn of his house, he was surprised to see that the front door of his pleasant home was missing.

Being a little concerned about the strange situation, the lumberjack hired the services of a termite exterminator company, thinking that an infestation of insects was eating his house.

But while the termite exterminator used science to carefully identify the origin of the termite problem, because the Pink Panther with total impudence and without fear of being discovered, had already entered the house of the confused woodcutter, so the feline He kept stealing the material things from the lumberjack's home, including the sofa, television, and fireplace.

With the material goods that the Pink Panther stole from the woodcutter's house, the cunning animal was building his new house in the forest.

Without the front door to resist the cold of the street, the woodcutter forgot about the termites that supposedly devoured his house, and now he thought that the thieves were looting his home, so he immediately called the police, to report the theft of your belongings.

But the police did not find the fingerprint of the alleged criminal, who was stealing the material things from the woodcutter's house, and they thought that the liar woodcutter was going crazy, although the policemen never knew that while they expertly investigated the house of the lumberjack, the Pink Panther kept stealing the lumberjack's material goods, who had already lost the table with the flower vase, the sink, the mirror in the sanitary room, the walls with windows, and even the ceiling of his bedroom.

The deranged lumberjack forgot about termites, forgot about thieves, and after having become a neurotic nervous wreck, he decided to visit a psychiatrist's clinical office, to try to understand what was going on inside his house, and what was happening. going on inside your mind.

But for the psychiatrist, the fanciful story of the woodcutter who saw things in his house magically run, flee and disappear, was enough mental insanity to diagnose the woodcutter as an insane man.

However, the woodcutter refused to be described as insane, and wanted to show that he was telling the truth, so he took the psychiatrist home, so that the doctor could observe the chaotic reality with his own eyes.

However, after reaching the supposed woodcutter's house, the psychiatrist only saw a green and vacant lot, where no “Home Sweet Home” was erected.

Seeing that his house had disappeared, the woodcutter finally felt mad as hell, and the psychiatrist did not hesitate to call an ambulance to confine him to an asylum, while the birds flew in the confused head of the woodcutter.

But while the woodcutter was traveling in the ambulance to the madhouse, he observed a house in the forest, which was totally identical to his old house in the city, and he even observed a parked car, which was identical to his old vehicle.

With a sudden reaction of madness and disbelief, the crazy lumberjack left the ambulance, ran to the door of his apparent house, and knocked insistently on the front door of the home.

The nurses also ran to catch the crazy woodcutter, who with so many blows almost collapsed the door of the feline house, although the nurses were able to catch and contain the woodcutter's fury, and finally they transferred him in the ambulance to the four walls of the asylum.

After hearing the knock on the door so vehemently, the Pink Panther got up from the sofa where he was drinking his cup of tea, and opened the door of his house.

Although at first glance he did not see anyone, and although he heard the ambulance siren, the intrigued panther closed the door of his house, and continued looking for the trace of the mysterious visitor, in the vicinity of his house in the forest.

The panther found no one in front of her new house, and without letting go of the delicious cup of tea, the Pink Panther chose to forget the mysterious circumstance, and thought about entering her house again.

But at that precise moment, the Pink Panther heard a furious roar in the forest, and after looking at the panorama around him, the feline found that his new house had been collapsed, due to the noisy shake that once again left him homeless.

When the Pink Panther wanted to forget his bad luck, with a sip of his delicious tea, because the teacup also broke into little pieces, just as his old teacup also broke into pieces, because of the violent chainsaw of the lumberjack , who had cut down the tree from his house in the woods.

Knowing that the sad story of deforestation would never change, the Pink Panther decided to surrender and left the forest, but with each footstep that took him further and further away from the forest, as the fate of the beautiful feline would be more uncertain.

If we pay attention to the details of the episode, we will glimpse that the lumberjack's house in the city was not the first house that the Pink Panther had to rob and loot to rebuild his home in the forest, although it was his last unsuccessful attempt to recover. his house cut down, which showed us that the vicious circle of deforestation worldwide only increases resentment, the desire for revenge and debauchery in the brains of living beings who lose their cut down homes.

How sad! The natural sentinels of the forests are defeated and have to leave their majestic ecosystems, because the mundane loggers cut down their trees, to favor the corporatism of modern society.

Obviously, when an animal is forced to leave its natural habitat of life, it is most likely that it will die when trying to intrude on another habitat, which already has its own predators dominating the territories, which already has an established ecological balance, and which presents very adverse living conditions, for species of fauna that are not indigenous to the ecosystem.

Although the episode focused on the revenge of the Pink Panther, against the lumberjack who cut down the tree where his house was in the forest, we must not forget that the lumberjacks are simple pawns in the corporate chess of large transnational companies, for What in exchange for receiving the wages that will feed the mouths of their families, because the enslaved loggers are capable of deforesting any jungle on planet Earth, they are capable of destroying the natural resources of the Environment, and they are capable of cutting down even the scented urine from a tree, which was used by a feline to mark its territory on the plain.

A cowardly lumberjack does not really have dignity in life, and is capable of always saying yes, to which he must always say no, because the businessmen who control the sawmills in the cities are in charge of mass producing crude and robotic workers, that they do not have the will to protest the ecocides perpetrated, that they do not feel remorse or regret for the environmental outrage, and that they always live with the latent fear of losing their jobs, if they decide to rebel to denounce capitalist misdeeds.

It is an unjust and systematic destruction of the natural resources of planet Earth, where righteous souls always pay for sinful spirits, and where hearts of stones daily buy and sell the right to life for animals, because I want to buy the same expensive sofa that the neighbor bought, because I want to buy a computer with the best processor on the market, because I want to buy a great house bathed in gold, because I want to buy an exotic panther that looks like the funny Pink Panther, and because I never I wanna sell my fucking heart of stone

It should be noted that after the woodcutter destroyed the house of the Pink Panther in the forest, and after discovering the location of the woodcutter's house in the city, the panther could have reacted like a real jungle beast, and could have attacked physically to the unfortunate lumberjack.

The Pink Panther had the great opportunity to bite, tear, and dismember the body of the evil woodcutter, who, due to his environmental vileness, deserved to receive a deadly feline attack in his own home.

But the Pink Panther chose to apply cautious psychological violence, as the best method to punish the lumberjack at the sawmill, who cut down the tree from his house in the forest. We saw that the panther did not want to apply the classic physical violence, which by nature would apply any ferocious animal in the jungle, which feels threatened and cornered by the presence of an enemy in its territory.

The great pacifism of the Pink Panther shows us that the true animals of the jungles, which use force to fight and to win the battles of life, are men and women who arm themselves with chainsaws, with machetes, with swords, with tear gas canisters, with airships and with shotguns, to riddle the existence of innocent living beings on Earth.

It's true, the Pink Panther drove the woodcutter crazy, and surely since the madhouse, that poor man will never, ever cut down a tree. But we also know that for every lumberjack who loses his sanity, another very sane lumberjack appears, who chops down what needs to be felled, who receives the money he needs to receive, and who repeats a tragic story that apparently has no end.

In addition, the Pink Panther did not really commit revenge, because the cat tried to do justice in the forest, since if the woodcutter had not cut down his house, then the panther would never have deprived him of his material things.

We are the Human Beings, the thieves who steal and disturb foreign natural spaces, and we are so shameless that we get upset if a panda bear appears in front of the Burger King restaurant, where we always eat meat with our loved ones, and we are even capable to call the pest control agency, to quickly resolve the serious incident, because I always pay taxes, and I deserve to swallow a greasy hamburger in Santa Paz.

I wish and the cunning Pink Panther could drive crazy, that abusive clenched fist who knows how to hit treacherously from the back, and who, from the brilliant carved desk in a godly government office, always becomes the God of Money who demands to build a new hotel five stars, and that with the support of the majority partners, with the backing of the entire board of directors, and with the financing of foreign investors, he can always decide the fate of millions of living beings called trees, which unfortunately end up being felled and killed in the Amazon, so you can contemplate the great differences between a three-star hotel and a five-star hotel.

We believe that the heroic Pink Panther built her comfortable house on top of a tree, thinking that the higher she built her home, it would prevent other dangerous forest animals from invading her shelter and destroying her sacred home.

But the Pink Panther never imagined that his staunch rival was not the claw or the roar of another feline on all fours, competing for the supremacy of the jungle, because the panther's true danger was far below his house, where the scandalous chainsaw of the lumberjack on two legs, would devastate the architectural trunk of his precious home.

In fact, when the Pink Panther again tried to build his house, using the material goods from the woodcutter's house, he decided to build it in the topsoil of the wooded soil, to prevent the woodcutter's chainsaw from collapsing his house again.

But although the panther did not use a tree trunk as the base of its new feline lair, sadly, what starts badly ends badly, and the Pink Panther could not prevent a house robbed in the robust city, end up being the rubble of a collapsed house in the fragile forest, where the trunks of the trees that would continue to fall due to the savage chainsaws of the lumberjacks, would be in charge of destroying their dream of having a “Home Sweet Home”.

Tell me what you would feel if you break your back working in the street, so that as a result of your sacrifice and your work effort, you can provide food for your children at the dining room table, but when you get home tired to sleep at night, you discover that there is no home, that there are no children, that there is no table, that there is no food, and that there is no "Home Sweet Home", because another powerful living being decided to tear down your house, to use it as matter premium of a new product, which will be manufactured and sold for the enjoyment of consumers.

The despair, frustration and helplessness that the Pink Panther felt after their house was cut down in the forest, is the same bitter feeling that thousands of defenseless animals in the World feel every day, who are very vulnerable and who lose their trees, their burrows, their nests, their eggs and their caves, because the lumberjacks of the successful sawmill that saws 24 hours a day, need more wood to fill the great piggy bank of the ecocide.

There is no doubt that in the world, bad is called good, and good is called bad. A genuine assertion that hurts to recognize and hurts to tolerate.

In the XXI century, the lumberjack is good because it helps to consolidate the economic progress of Humanity, cutting down trees that will become the best articles of global consumption, so that eager customers buy the merchandise with a credit card, and sit 100 % satisfied with the product.

In the XXI century, the panther is bad because it does not allow itself to be tamed by Man, and although the circus owner paid a lot of money to the experienced animal hunter, to deceive and trap the feline in the dense geography of the forest, the panther does not wants to dance reggaeton in the entertaining circus show.

In the XXI century, the tree is bad because it obstructs the signal of the wireless networks, and without access to the Internet in the Amazon jungles of Latin America, we will not receive the updated satellite image on our smartphones, to know how many kilometers of forest native we will deforest the weekend, and to know how many native peoples will lose their roots.

Every year the number of critically endangered species of fauna increases, because each year we continue to cut down more trees to build more corporate buildings and more executive offices, where ironically, the annual lists of threatened species on Earth are drawn up, they are printed in full color and the supposedly ecological books are published, which use the cellulose pulp obtained from the wood of the trees felled in the forests, to supposedly awaken the environmental conscience in the foolish readers, who buy those sawn little books.

That's why when the masked bandit with a gun in hand steals your wallet at the supermarket door today, you don't need to be scared and call the police, better ask yourself and answer me who is stealing bread from whom.

We love to go to the supermarket to buy the best honey from the shelves, but we never want to know that to build that huge supermarket, the trees where the bee hives were had to be cut down, and that honey that is sold as a healthy natural concoction, it actually has chemical ingredients injected into the beekeeping lab, which was built by cutting down the trees where the bees' hives were.

Will young people be the future defenders of forests?

We know that Latin American children and adolescents enjoy spending the afternoon locked up in their homes, downloading more applications to feed the androids that live on their tablets, and to play more war video games on the Web.

We know that Latin American children and adolescents do not want to spend the sunny afternoon with the lush trees in the park, because trees are very boring creatures, they are incompatible with androids, and they do not know how to play online.

We know that Latin American children and adolescents hope that the Christmas tree with a plastic leaf and metal trunk will give them a new tablet with the latest version of the android, to enjoy with joy the electric Christmas Eve.

We adore androids and reject trees, because our unsustainable gene for selfishness always hurts environmental sustainability.

If parents in their homes and teachers in their schools continue to allow young people to worship androids and repudiate trees, then environmental disasters will continue to grow in Latin America, because technological addiction has been destroying the healthy interaction of the trinomial Man -Medium-Society, and because planting a miserable little tree on World Earth Day no longer generates a light of hope in the deforested Hispanic roads.

Is it possible to combat deforestation with reforestation?

Frankly, it is not possible, because the accelerated overpopulation that eats and consumes the benignity of the Earth, will always be the great apple of discord in the reforestation orchard, and will never allow Mother Earth to have the necessary biological time, to regenerate and heal their wounds.

Annually, millions of new families emerge in the imprisoned World, and those hungry new families are very capitalist hungry, they are very consumer hungry, and they are even very carnivorous.

Las nuevas plagas humanas necesitan más madera aserrada para amoblar sus nuevas mansiones, necesitan más madera aserrada para comprar las cunas de los bebés que nacieron ayer, para comprar las cunas de los bebés que justo ahora están naciendo en los hospitales, y para comprar las cunas de los bebés que nacerán mañana, también necesitan más madera aserrada para empotrar la cocina tallada en cedro, y siempre necesitan más madera aserrada de los bosques terrenales, para que el sutil olor a pino perfume el olor a gloria de sus ratoneras.

Y es que si usted y yo, hoy unificamos nuestros esfuerzos corporales para reforestar una hectárea de bosque, hoy también se deforestarán 100 mil hectáreas en el mismo bosque, porque la transnacional estadounidense ya firmó el multimillonario contrato con la transnacional asiática, para unificar esfuerzos corporativos y construir el banco de semillas transgénicas más grande del Mundo, que se edificará en los deforestados y estériles suelos amazónicos de Brasil.

Recuerde que nosotros hoy estamos por aquí, pero nosotros mañana estaremos más allá.

Aunque los cementerios se queden llorando sin árboles, no hay duda que la Educación Ambiental, siempre será la clave universal para que las próximas generaciones de Seres Humanos, aprendan a reconocer el valor de los árboles en sus hogares, en los colegios, en las universidades, en las calles y en la vida.

Yo estoy escuchando el trinar de los pájaros, y juro que me alegra vivir en libertad, pero soy consciente de las atrocidades ambientales, que tienen el sello de la impunidad en el sucio nudo de la corbata, en el sucio cuero del cinturón, y en la sangre de los sucios zapatos.

Como periodista, yo denuncio anualmente los diez principales ecocidios ocurridos en América Latina, pero necesito que usted también contribuya con la misión ecológica, y se convierta en un agente de cambio por el bien común.

Si en tu comunidad se talan árboles para favorecer a la perversa infraestructura comercial, para expandir la insaciable frontera agrícola, y para construir un nuevo Resort con el más envidiable campo de golf, pues te exhortamos a no quedarte callado en el pasivo asiento del sofá, te pedimos que denuncies con celeridad los atropellos ambientales que ocurren en tu localidad, utilizando las redes sociales para compartir fotografías y videos de los pecados ecológicos.

Fue fascinante describir un episodio televisivo de La Pantera Rosa, que en apenas cinco minutos de duración, que sin vocalizar ninguna palabra audible para el público, y que con la arcaica tecnología del borroso siglo XX, pues pudo generar una gran reflexión ambiental que nunca pasará de moda, y estamos seguros que ninguna película producida con la más altísima definición audiovisual del siglo XXI, jamás presentará una crítica social tan sagaz y tan cruel, como lo hizo un episodio de La Pantera Rosa en el primitivo siglo XX.

Todos los animales respetan la vida de un árbol, pero el Ser Humano tala la vida del árbol.

Tenemos que ser más animales, y menos Seres Humanos.

Hoy te invitamos a dilucidar, que un árbol es un ser vivo, como tú y como yo.

Muchas gracias a la Pantera Rosa, porque nos demostró que un árbol vale más que un árbol, y un fuerte abrazo para el animal que leyó mi obra.

By Carlos Fermín, es Licenciado en Comunicación Social, mención Periodismo Impreso. Egresado de la Universidad del Zulia en Venezuela.

Video: The Value of Trees (July 2022).


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