Jaguars mistreated in Mexico: forced to swim in chains, for tourists

Jaguars mistreated in Mexico: forced to swim in chains, for tourists

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The complaint was carried out by Steve Winter, a photographer for National Geographic, who through his social networks showed photos and recounted the “abusive practices” behind some tourist attractions that use jaguars in the state of Quintana Roo.

The download was made by Steve on his Instagram account. The photographer criticized that the "likes" have more value than the health of a wild animal and accused tour operators in Cancun of exploiting jaguars to profit from the entertainment of tourists.

The shocking image of a jaguar swimming in the waters of Cancun with jetskis and tourists behind this specimen as part of a paid tour, has been around the world. "Maybe the next picture might seem harmless at first," said Winter who took it.

The famous National Geographic photographer later denounced the animal exploitation. This species of feline (Pantera Onca) is supposedly protected by federal regulations, however, this type of practice is carried out.

“Jet ski drivers and a group of tourists get ready to dive with two tame jaguars in Cancun, Mexico. People need to know more about the big cat selfie trade and industry. From Thailand to South Africa, these generally represent the face of the wildlife trade. If you see your friends or family taking part in activities like the one in this photo, or petting puppies, let them know that these businesses are generally related to breeding programs and illegal exchange of body parts and puppies, "wrote Steve

“There is a lot of pain, trauma and abuse in order to keep these animals fit for human contact. Big cats did not evolve to be 'friends' with people, or to be hugged and touched, "he concluded.

His complaint has been taken up by media all over the world, who seek to help make this type of practice visible.


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