"Veggie Challenge", a month without meat to combat climate change

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In a few days the “Veggie Challenge“, The Vegan Challenge in Spanish, which challenges you to stop consuming meat for thirty days to combat climate change. Are you ready?

There are more than 166,000 people, who have already joined the challenge of changing their diet in favor of caring for the planet. They start on March 1st.

Stop consuming meat, years ago, was a decision of few. It was even believed that it was a passing fad. But the vegan diet came to settle, and although some adopt it out of vanity, there are others who do it out of the conviction that it is a way to help combat climate change.

The opinions of the experts on this type of diet are in the extremes: "We are omnivores, we have been eating meat for millions of years, we need itSome say. Doctors and nutritionists remember the importance of meat in a balanced diet and the health risks involved in eliminating it, even if it is done for the benefit of the planet.

On the other side of the scale, there are those who say that meat generates even the risk of contracting cancer and that we can have a perfectly balanced and conscious diet without the need for it.

Meat consumption and climate change

But what does meat consumption have to do with climate change? If we look at the ecological footprint generated by its production and consumption, it has a lot to do with it. Emissions from the livestock sector represent no less than 14% of the total. We are talking about industrial intensive livestock farms, mostly. According to Greenpeace, this livestock alone already emits as many greenhouse gases as all world transport.

To this must be added, in addition, the deforestation caused by the intensive cultivation of feed or the indirect emissions generated by the transport of this feed, of the animals or the export of the meat itself. Its production and consumption therefore contributes not only to climate change, but also to the loss of biodiversity and the waste of water, an increasingly scarce resource on the planet, ecologists explain.

Recipes, advice and psychological support to overcome the challenge

In this context, the Vegan Challenge arises (Veggie Challenge). An initiative that promotes the change of diet for a month with clear benefits for those who sign up, but not only. "It's better for your health, better for the planet, and better for animals“They explain from ProVeg International, the organization that launched the campaign. An organization whose objective is “reduce global animal consumption by 50% by 2040“.

The challenge starts on March 1 and anyone who wants to join can sign up here. From that day on, you will receive advice from a nutritionist, daily recipes and even psychological support from a personal coach so as not to abandon the challenge.

The challenge has three categories, depending on the commitment that each one wants to assume: switch to a vegan diet, a vegetarian diet or reduce meat consumption by half. And in each category, information is received daily about the environmental contribution of the challengers: “how much CO2 you stop emitting, how much water and land are you saving and how many animals are you saving". All this, duly quantified to encourage moving forward.

There are already more than 166,000 people who have signed up and the organizers hope to reach 400,000.

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