A company produces cleaning supplies with plastic from the ocean

A company produces cleaning supplies with plastic from the ocean

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It is a family business from Portugal called Fapil that presented the first range of cleaning and storage items made from plastic recovered from the ocean.

The new ‘Ocean’ range, made with 20% recycled plastic from the sea, will reach consumers in March 2020 with brushes, mops, brooms, buckets and storage boxes.

The aim of the company is that in the future these items can be manufactured 100% with recialdo plastic.

We will be the first in the market to use fishing nets and ropes, all the material that results from the fishing industry, which had no route, to make household products.“, Said Fernando Teixeira, CEO of Fapil.

Marine debris "fThey went to incineration or landfills and Fapil is giving these products a second life in items we all have at home to use."He added.

Fapil was founded 45 years ago, is based in Malveira, Mafra municipality and Lisbon district, and for 20 years it began to manufacture products with recycled plastic, concerned about environmental sustainability and the "Awakening of consciences”For the reuse of waste.

The company has already invested in the replacement of more efficient factory equipment and a photovoltaic plant, and uses its factory waste in the process of producing new items.

It is estimated that, every 20 seconds, about 20 thousand kilograms of material remain in the oceans as a result of fishing gear.

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