Flow Hive: an invention to have honey without stressing the bees

Flow Hive: an invention to have honey without stressing the bees

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We are already informed about the essential role of bees for our sustainability on the planet: these insects not only produce honey, but are also the main pollinators.

The Flow Hive is a novel invention that allows you to obtain honey without stressing or fuming the bees. But not only does it save these insects stress, it could also save them from extinction.

This invention is capturing the attention of beekeepers, and that of honey lovers who have collaborated to finance the project on the internet.

Created by two Australians, the system avoids having to open the hive, protect oneself to avoid stings and even having to spend time extracting the honey from the cells.

Inside the hive, it is not the bees that form their own cells, but the two inventors. The system is based on artificial honeycombs where bees create their own honey.

When the beekeepers check that the cells are full, they can turn on a tap through which the cells are opened and the honey drips out, while the bees rest quietly on the surface of the combs.

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