A pig who thinks he is a dog

A pig who thinks he is a dog

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Chowder is a pig that has been raised between five dogs. The family never imagined that the pig would believe one of the canine pack.

The owner of the animals never imagined that her dogs would have an influence on the behavior of the pig that is now a celebrity on social networks, since it has followers in Mexico, the United States, Spain, among other countries.

The whole story began when Shelby Madere, a woman who lives on a farm in the state of California, United States, bought a pig that she called "Chowder." What he never imagined is that he would adapt quickly and become the "best friend" of his five pet dogs.

'Rika', 'Slick', 'Nya', 'James' and' Bashe ', are the names of Shelby Madere's dogs, who warmly received' Chowder ', who from that moment became part of the' pack. ' The behavior of the pig was so surprised that its owner created a Facebook account for him, where he uploads images and tells the life of the pig who thinks he is a dog.

“When I look at my team, I see the reflection of who I am in them. Their happiness, their safety, their health, their whole life depend on me and I will never let them down ”, was what the owner of‘ Chowder ’, who currently has thousands of followers on Facebook and Instagram, explained.

As you can see in the photos, which have thousands of 'likes' on Facebook and Instagram, 'Chowder' behaves like just another dog, sleeps with them, plays with them, even has his own collar for a walk.

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