Avon announces the END of ANIMAL TESTING on its cosmetics

Avon announces the END of ANIMAL TESTING on its cosmetics

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Victory! Avon announces the END of ANIMAL TESTING on its products! The famous cosmetics company Avon announced that it has abolished animal testing in the manufacture of its products!

This Avon decision covers all of its brands and markets, including China, where animal testing is mandatory for specific products like sunscreens and deodorants.

In a statement, Avon reported:

"For the Chinese market, which is important to the company's business, Avon will conduct some product line reviews and open new e-commerce channels that do not require compliance with the country's legal requirements for animal testing."

These adaptations are due to the fact that China is an important market for Avon, one of the largest and fastest growing beauty markets in the world.

Because of this, the company will remain in the Chinese market, however, with adaptations in products that do not comply with the country's laws for animal testing.

Avon's president, José Vicente Marino, in an official company statement said:

"We do not believe that testing on animals is necessary to ensure the safety of a product."

According to information from the president of Avon, for years, several of his company's cosmetics have been produced using ALTERNATIVE methods of animal testing, in partnership with organizations such as the Institute for In Vitro Sciences, FRAME, and Humane Society International.

With these and other partnerships, Avon aims to expand cruelty-free products in the cosmetics and perfume market:

"We will continue to work with these and other organizations to advance the 'CRUELTY FREE' industry in the future," continues the company's president. We are confident that this advance will support our efforts to meet the expectations of our customers and distributors around the world. "

Consumer change

In fact, Avon is on the list of 10 famous cosmetics multinationals that are still testing on animals. But I am glad that the vision of some of these great companies is changing. However, let us remember that this is due to the fact that many consumers are more conscientious and selective, they opt for products without animal testing and that do not harm the environment.

Let's keep moving forward, learning about the products and consuming the manufactured ones without cruelty!


Australia, in partnership with Humane Society International, will work to uphold the ban and end animal testing by seeking other methods and alternatives for testing cosmetic products. To achieve this goal, the Australian Senate passed the Industrial Chemicals Act, which effectively bans cosmetic testing on animals across the country.

This project was presented in June 2017 by the House of Representatives and was supported by the human rights group Humane Society International (HSI).


Another example of this is California, where the Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act will prohibit the sale of products tested on animals as of January 1, 2020.

The Cruelty Free Cosmetics Act, signed by more than 100 cosmetic companies, adds California to the list of countries that already prohibit animal testing, such as the European Union, India, Israel and Guatemala. And that marks a first step toward banning in every state in the US, or at least that's to be expected.

Achievements like these are a revolution in defense of animals!

The true human revolution is not made with weapons, but with the understanding that life is precious to all beings!

That, as in Australia, California and other countries, happens around the world, the prohibition of animal testing. That will be a sign of great humanitarian advance and a great victory for life on earth!

By Deise Aur, for GreenMe (in Portuguese)

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