Boxer: character and price

Boxer: character and price

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Boxer: it is a nice and appropriate diminutive for the high-sounding and a bit harsh, as a sound, name of Deutscher boxer. On the other hand, this canine breed, belonging to the Molossian family, has roots in Germany. The boxer is an excellent companion dog but also as a defense dog, it has a character to define playful he is little, a lean, muscular and athletic body but not a bodybuilder. He is unpretentious, just feed him and take him for a walk twice a day and he is clean, pleasant and precious both in the family and as a defense dog.

Boxer: origins

The progenitors of the Boxer according to almost all the experts, unanimously those large robust dogs called Bullenbeisser that descend from large Macedonian molossers are to be considered. The modern aspect begins to develop towards the end of the nineteenth century: a Munich, more precisely around 1870, a group of passionate dog lovers at the table has worked to create their ideal dog and the Boxer. Today the ideal dog of many, given the number of fans that this breed has.

The "formula" of success is the cross between the Bullenbeisser and the Old English bulldog. In 1895 the first example of boxer was entered in the genealogical registers, as Flocki. Amateurs, enthusiasts and experts, always Germans, continued the selection and crossbreeding work to eliminate the subjects with very light coats and aim at increasingly slender and agile dogs.

Always - and where else? - the first official club was founded in Munich which started a period of even more rapid development of the breed. The spread was almost immediate, as far as possible, in many European countries at the same time, and from that moment it remains growing and evolving. Italy is one of the countries that loves boxers, a lot and for many years.

Boxer: appearance

With his body like an athlete, but not a bodybuilder, the Boxer he has an exceptional physical structure, sporty but not heavy, versatile, which allows him to be both a companion and a defense. At the withers a male measures from 57 to 63 cm, a female a little less, while the weight varies around 30 Kg always with the most robust male specimens.

The irresistible muzzle is short and wide, with a well-marked stop and the wide nose, even a little up but not snobbish. The upper lip must completely cover the mouth so as not to show the teeth when the mouth is closed, even if the mandible is evidently very powerful and protrudes with respect to the jaw.

The eyes of the Boxer they are capable of glances "that cannot be said no" and are dark, of medium size and usually not protruding, also the ears are rather adherent to the skull, forward and in a triangle shape, the tail remains intact and set high.

Brindle Boxer

Given a personal attendance of Boxer brindle, and a now legendary experience of living together for over two weeks, I have dedicated an article to this version of fur that I invite you to read: "Brindle boxer: character and price "

Fawn Boxer

Fawn is one of the three Boxer possible and it is also what is most often seen around. All of them have strictly short hair, which appears shiny and close-fitting, with a homogeneous length all over his slender and athletic body.

White boxer

The white boxerTo be precise, all the boxers with the white color spread over more than a third of the coat, are for now out of the standard. It would seem that in Italy for some years theENCI release the pedigree also to white subjects, it remains however, appreciated or excluded, a real rarity.

Boxer: character

Affectionate, confident, loyal, sociable and sweet but above all and unquestionably playful. If it weren't a bit cruel, one would say - and let's face it - "playful to death". And it applies figuratively and not, because really a dog like the Boxer until old age he manages to keep a very positive disposition.

With the family he is very cuddly and particularly suitable for children with whom he is also very protective, a little wary he is only with strangers but he is in general curious and he wants to know them, investing them with his unstoppable joie de vivre.

A character so from pet dog, and the Boxer he is an excellent example of this, but let's not forget that his nature is also a defense. Courageous and with a sense of protection towards his family and home, this dog can very well be defensive or trained to fill important roles alongside law enforcement or people with disabilities. If well trained, in fact, the Boxer it's an animal nerve-racking, self-aware, calm and balanced.

Boxer: price

Currently the price of a boxer puppy it ranges from 400-500 euros up to 900, I have rarely seen it reach a thousand euros. Not that it is not valid, on the contrary, as just seen it is adorable and "multipurpose" as well as very nice, but it must be considered that it is a very widespread breed.

There are many breeding farms and it is inevitable that, yes, even in the world of dogs, there is competition that lowers prices. However, if we intend to take a puppy of this breed with us, we do not play downwards because, like almost all molossoids, this dog is not long-lived. Among the most frequent serious diseases are those of a cardio-respiratory nature, renal failure and tumors.

Having bought our puppy, let's remember to feed him regularly and balanced, that he remains lean and athletic as I have described it to you before! One or two walks a day, if you live in an apartment, it takes and also a lot of pampering, even if you have a garden, because it has a tremendous need for physical contact with you, with the owner and the family in tow.

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