Electric blowers and sweepers

Electric blowers and sweepers

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Electric blowers and battery sweepersfor quicker cleaning of the garden and outdoor flooring. Guide to choosing and evaluating the characteristics of aelectric blowerand sweeper.

There are more and more garden and home maintenance tools that we can find available in versionwireless, wireless, ie powered by rechargeable batteries. From battery-powered brushcutters to electric blowers, the choice is really wide, without forgetting lawnmowers and sweepers.

Corded electric blowers and battery electric blowers

THEpetrol blowersas well as being expensive, they are excessively noisy. A good alternative, practical and low maintenance, are theelectric blowers with wire or with battery: operation is very quiet, perfect for use in residential areas even on Sunday mornings. THEelectric blowers or a batteryallow you to continuously vary thespeedof the engine by setting it with a quick selector or with a mechanism similar to that of the accelerator of a motor.

THEelectric battery blowersavailable on the market, they are able to generate an air volume ranging from 2.6 to 4.4 cubic meters / minute. The most complete models dedicated to a more demanding audience, are able to produce an air flow of 14 cubic meters / minute.

The speed of the flow can also vary and can be adjusted according to the needs of the moment. There is no shortage of models that are able to generate a flow speed of up to 93 meters per second.

The autonomy (operating time) of thebattery electric blowervaries with battery capacity. On the market there are models from 18 to 56 V with battery capacity ranging from 2 to 6 Ah. Depending on the power and mode of use, with a full charge an electric battery blower can operate from 8 minutes up to a maximum of 4 hours (obviously times vary depending on the model!).

The weight varies according to the performance and capacity of the batteries, we can generally say that the weight of this tool ranges from one and a half kilograms up to four kilos. The more complete models work fromblowers, vacuums and shreddersand they are very useful for removing leaves from the garden without the use of a manual rake.

Electric blowers (with wire or with battery) are suitable for those who need to clean limited surfaces, on the one hand because you are bound to an electric cable and on the other because you are bound by the battery autonomy times.

Among the best battery powered blowersof the market we can point out a Black & Decker product which is among the few houses to offer a good guarantee on the lithium ion battery with a power of 36 V and 2.0 Ah. With these features, the device has an operating time of 30 minutes. Before purchasing, ask yourself this: can I completely clean the driveway in 30 minutes? If the answer is yes, then this is the model for you. The model in question is the Black & Decker blower / vacuum cleaner / shredder with lithium battery which is offered on Amazon at the promotional price of 211 euros. The characteristics of this electric battery blower are:

  • 36V, 2.0Ah lithium battery.
  • Blowing speed: 218 km / h.
  • Shredding ratio 7: 1.
  • Suction volume: 3.1 mc / min.
  • Bag capacity: 17 lt.
  • Turbo and Eco mode selector.

If you are undecided between buying an electric corded blower, electric battery blower and petrol blower, we invite you to read the page dedicated toBlowers, vacuums and shredders. On this page we compare models on the market. Remember to always make assessments in relation to your real needs: sometimes it takes only 15 minutes of autonomy to clean the entire garden!

Battery electric sweepers

Even thesweepersthey can help us a lot in cleaning the garden and the floors of warehouses, avenues and squares. Battery-powered sweepers work with a push movement: the user will have to push the wheeled tool that works thanks to brushes operated by the battery. Unlike sweepers with brushes that move only thanks to the advancement, battery-powered electric sweepers are able to clean the edges more accurately and even with the tool stopped.

The weight of this tool ranges from 17 to 20 kg but it is easy to manage because on wheels! It is still a little known tool so the models on the market are limited: they generally have a power of 36 V with a capacity of 3.2 to 4.5 Ah and an autonomy ranging from 25 to 35 minutes.

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