How to get rid of tartar

How to get rid of tartar

How to get rid of tartar: natural remedies, prevention and all the instructions to eliminate tartar from the teeth.

Brushing your teeth every day, the proper use of dental floss, oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups are the crucial points for ensuring good dental health.

It is negligence that makes you victims of problems such astartarand thecavity. Too often it happens that we brush our teeth regularly but we brush them incorrectly: the bristles of the toothbrush have to reach every compartment of our teeth, even the internal teeth.

Thetartartends to be created especially on the back of the incisors because when we brush our teeth we tend to brush above all the front part of the teeth, molars and premolars, forgetting that the inner surface of the teeth must also be brushed!

What is tartar?

Thetartarit has a hard texture and smells bad! This is a yellowish-brownish calcified material that forms on the surface of the teeth. Thetartaris composed of mineral deposits from saliva, bacterial debris and plaque, this mixture of substances appears porous, hard and difficult toremoveif ignored for a long time.

Thetartar, if not properly treated, can cause bad breath, yellowing of the teeth and gum problems. In extreme cases, the porosity of tartar can have severe consequences first on teeth and then on bone health.

How to get rid of tartar

It's not easyeliminate tartarwithout the help of a professional in the sector. Dentists often, howeverremove tartarmake use of various tools to scratch this "hard and smelly crust". In rare cases, especially if oral hygiene has been neglected for a long time, the removal of tartar it can be painful: tartar can build up to penetrate the surface of the gums. In this paragraph we will look at some remedies do it yourself and info onhow to get rid of tartar.

Correct use of dental floss

If the tartar has not been lying on your teeth for years, you have a good chance of being able to remove it with the help of dental floss. It will not be easy and above all it will not be pleasant: the tartar will come away in calcified, hard and bad-smelling pieces. As you use dental floss, rinse your mouth with mouthwash diluted in water. To remove tartar with dental floss you will have to pass the floss behind the surface of each tooth with a certain force. All the instructions on the use of dental floss and advice on choosing the best dental floss to use are available in my guide articleHow to use dental floss. The article does not lack an example video.

Tartar-Control Toothpaste

The use of aantitartar toothpasteit is absolutely recommended. Tartar toothpastes are enriched with a number of ingredients such as zinc citrate, active fluoride and other mineral salts. There are many proposals on the market and there is no shortage of offers! Don't think you have to spend more than 5 euros! At the supermarket a toothpaste to fight tartar from the well-known Colgate house can be bought for 4 euros or just over 3 euros for Mentadent, online, the same products can be found for just over a euro! On Amazon, Mentadent Anti Tartar Toothpaste can be bought with 1.35 euros and to get free shipping you just need to combine the purchase with other "Plus" products useful for daily hygiene (dental floss, shampoo, Tampax, sanitary napkins ...) . If you don't like shopping online, then rely on what you find on the supermarket shelves: anti-tartar toothpastes are easy to find.


After one hour from the meal, carefully chew fratta and vegetables such as apples, carrots or melon, these foods will help you clean your teeth in a natural way, improving the health of the gums. Other foods that are good for dental health are listed in the article entitledDental caries, natural remedies.


You may find it useful to use an electric toothbrush, or, as in the introduction, when you brush your teeth, be careful to also reach the back surface of the teeth.

Teeth cleaning

Make an appointment with the dentist! Teeth cleaning is an operation to be performed twice a year, at an interval of six months.

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