Dog muzzle: pros and cons

Dog muzzle: pros and cons

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Dog muzzle, few use it but even fewer know how and when they should do it. Let's take a review of the state law that indicates right behavior. Together with the leash, the dogs muzzle it is an important tool that, if used with balance, benefits us and does not harm the dog.

Dog muzzle: what is it for?

There dogs muzzle it was born to prevent the animal from biting, usually unknown, but it is not said. The variety of characters and temperaments of dogs all over the world is not predictable. There are times when, beyond what the law says - and then we see it - even for reasonableness, some large dog owner or with a threatening air, could also use it. Or at least have it close at hand.

As the owner of a large dog, a very good one Bernese Mountain Dog, and as a person not at all fearful even in front of the dogs of the former black list, I think that in certain situations, "you never know". Especially because those who, unlike me and maybe you, have a dog panic, can make a wrong movement by triggering unexpected reactions.

There are situations in which you cannot "stay away" from the fearful, such as on public transport, for example, or in the crowds of a city center full of families or groups walking around. A parquet on a sunny Sunday or a veterinarian's waiting room. A dogs muzzle who keeps everyone quiet, dogs and present, it would be good to have her. At least on the stock exchange.

Dog muzzle obligation: what the law says

To legislate on dogs muzzle it is the State and there is no municipal, provincial or regional ordinance that can replace it. It also concerns the use of a leash, always in the same paragraph, and there are penalties foromitted custody and misrule of animals (Article 672 of the criminal code); for failure to comply with the obligation of a dog leash and muzzle.

The law to review is that on the protection of public safety from the aggression of dogs, the Martini Ordinance of March 2009. dogs muzzle appears in Article 1, paragraph 3, written "for the purpose of preventing damage or injury to people, animals or things".

Among the various measures to be taken, the owner and keeper of a dog also have to "bring with you a muzzle, rigid or soft, to be applied to the dog in case of risk forsafety of people or animals or at the request of the competent authorities ".

Therefore, the dog muzzle does not necessarily have to be worn, if not on explicit request, but we must have it absolutely at hand. The reasoning "Nobody does it anyway" it is not fair. Nor does it apply to the use of the leash which, for the same paragraph of the same law, is always mandatory "in urban areas and places open to the public, except for the dog areas identified by the municipalities".

And it must be a leash measuring no more than one and a half meters. At the end of the document it is also recommended not to leave your dog in bad hands, not very cautious, but to people who can manage it properly.

Dog muzzle: pros and cons

In favor of the dogs muzzle, contrary to what one might think, there is an educational factor. Well used the dogs muzzle actually favors the training process and helps us to properly manage our pet even in conditions of potential discomfort. For example in crowded places, or particularly noisy and full of negative stimuli, which can give rise to attitudes that our four-legged person would not normally show.

If you get used to the dogs muzzle your pet from an early age, in a gradual and non-punitive way, complete with prizes and a pinch of irony and lightness, is by no means a dramatic imposition. Indeed, if we have large dogs, very vigorous, the dogs muzzle it can also make us feel more peaceful.

There are cons, too, for the dogs muzzle: I would dare to say that more than "cons" they are tricks without which we can damage or make the animal suffer unnecessarily. If the dogs muzzle hinders breathing and the movement of the jaw, if it even acts on the physiognomy of the muzzle not being well adherent, then it is not good for the dog. It is therefore important that it be soft, comfortable, almost like a glove. It must absolutely not have sharp metal parts, points, hooks and it must be verified that it is in line with its size and muzzle, so that it fits well.

Dog muzzle: where to buy it

Among the many types of dogs muzzle the most common are those in nylon with ribbon or band. They are more beautiful, verto, but very snug for the dog who may find it difficult to ventilate. The classic ones remain the best, the cage ones in leather, rigid plastic or iron.

So we have a comfortable dog muzzle to wear when needed and let them move their muzzle and open their mouths to breathe. There are also in this case many variations, most of which are fastened to the nape of the neck without over-tightening. Then there is the dogs muzzle with a simple band of leather, rubber or fabric, the one that blocks the muzzle if desired or, but rarely, with mouthguards, not always welcome and appropriate.

I am in favor of the classic, both from the point of view of the functions and the color design line. So I'm sure it's convenient and useful. In leather, which gives me the air of being softer.

If you want to be more sophisticated, you can consider purchasing one dogs muzzle like this one: adjustable in nylon, flexible and resistant, with quick attachment of the strap with which to decide according to the circumference of the muzzle between the 3 available sizes.

Muzzle for truffle dogs

The niche dogs muzzle for truffle breeds it may have to have particular characteristics. On line there are various artisans who have dedicated themselves to building them ad hoc for this category of animals, reporting that they are in accordance with the law. The above law we have analyzed paragraph 3.

The dog muzzle they produce and promote is made of galvanized steel to ensure resistance and protection against oxidation. Sometimes it is with galvanized steel wrapped, other times the elements are welded. It ensures its resistance and the possibility of adapting it to dog measurements.

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