Stop snoring permanently

Stop snoring permanently

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Stop snoring: from the causes ofsnoringai natural remedies and at solutionsforstop snoringdefinitively.

Theresnoringit is a symptomatic picture that is characterized by adiscontinuous snoringlinked to breathing problems or poor sleep quality. In the most serious cases and requiring prompt treatment, alsnoringit is associated with real onessleep apnea.

Snoring, causes

Thecausesof the snoring they are all connected to an anatomical factor that sees the loss of muscle tone of the soft palate and uvula. In other words, if you are wondering "why do I snore while sleeping? "The answer is simple: because during breathing, the passage of air is obstructed by a prolapsed muscle and this obstruction produces the much hated noise typical ofsnoring.

Snoring, solutions and treatments

Surgery to stop snoring

A definitive solution that allows you tostop snoringinvolves surgery. The surgery will be aimed at mitigating the obstruction so as to restore proper nasal ventilation.

Thesnoringit is not a typical symptom only in adults: moleschildrensnoring can be very common in the presence of adenoids and tonsilsswollen. In this scenario, surgery is the most common solution with the removal of adenoids and tonsils.

Adenoidectomy and tonsillectomy are two effective surgical practices not only in children, these interventions can also be recommended in adults with tonsils with a large volume such as to obstruct breathing.

Other effective surgical interventions to stop snoring include subplasty (when the obstruction is related to the nasal septum), the volumetric reduction of the turbinates, or the so-called package curtain surgery, simple and reversible. For more information on curtain and package surgery, please see the video at the end of the guide"How to stop snoring".

Anti - snoring bite

As an alternative to surgery forstop snoringthere are mechanical devices to be inserted in the mouth or nose, these tools mechanically facilitate the passage of oxygen avoiding the vibrations that generate noise.

The bestbitethey are those made to measure, even if good compromises (with a much more accessible cost) can be obtained with universal or self-modeling bites, that is, they take the shape of your dental arch after the first uses.

Even if they are called "self-modeling", those with particular arch conformations should avoid purchasing a universal bite, while those with fairly standard teeth can personally test the benefits of self-modeling anti-snoring bites. Among the best proposals we point out the anti-snoring Twin Bite with a price of about 86 euros. Similar device is the less expensive PureSleep also mentioned in some television programs.

Patches for stop snoring

First, do snoring stop patches work? Yes, but only if the problem is actually related to nasal congestion.

They are applied to the nose and promote the nasal breathing thus decreasing the amount of air that, passing from the respiratory tract of the oral cavity, cause the typical noise of thesnoring. The same mechanism is exploited by silicone devices that are applied in the nose to stretch the nostrils and, also in this case, to encourage breathing from the nose to decrease the friction of the passage of air from the throat. These products can be purchased in pharmacies or through online purchases. For the sake of completeness, I provide you with two links to products with an excellent quality / price ratio.

- Naviset Tube Plus - silicone nasal dilator
Price: € 24.95 with free shipping. Four nasal dilators of different sizes, reusable and made of silicone.
- Rhinological patches for not snoring
Price: € 16.90 with free shipping. Set of 100 disposable patches to improve breathing during sleep.

Activities for stop snoring

When thecauseis psychosomatic and thesnoringit is dictated by muscle stiffening and incorrect breathing, it is possible to improve the quality of sleep with breathing exercises.

The practice ofyogait can reduce stress levels and keep the body relaxed at night. The yoga positions that can help you stop snoring are thereSimha Garjanasana(or Roaring Pose) and Ujjayi Pranayama (or Hissing Pose).

Other natural remedies for stop snoring

Like practicing yoga, there are other natural remedies that can improve sleep quality and help youstop snoring. In this context, we recommend the use of ointments or fumigations based on eucalyptus, thyme and peppermint essential oils. To find out where to find the material and how to prepare these natural treatments to stop snoring, I invite you to read the pageSnoring, natural remedies.

Video: How to Stop Snoring Permanently? Embarrassing Bodies Program (May 2022).


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