How to get rid of warts

How to get rid of warts

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How to get rid of warts: effective remedies for the treatment of plantar and palmar warts. From commercial products to grandmother's remedies to remove warts.

Therepalmar warts(they develop on the palm of the but no), as well as the plantar warts (they develop on the plant of the foot) are not dangerous but can be very annoying. On this page we will look at a series ofnatural remediesagainst thewartsand we will focus on what are the most effective products offered by pharmaceutical companies.

How to get rid of warts, natural remedies

Let's start with the grandmother's remedies which, in general, are also the easiest to experiment. It might be unpleasant to make but ... a natural remedy for warts involves the use of garlic!


Garlic is an excellent antiviral and antibacterial. According to our grandmothers, a clove of garlic can "burn"warts in just three or four applications. How to use?

  • - Cut the garlic into thin slices and apply them on the warts.
  • - Secure the garlic on the wart with gauze or medical tape.
  • - Repeat the treatment every day for three or four days.


This is another grandmother's remedy. Basil can help us improve the health of our skin, its leaves have strong antiseptic properties and can be used toeliminate wartsmore persistent. How to use?

  • Prepare a dough by chopping the basil with a few drops of castor oil.
  • Apply the paste obtained on the warts.
  • Wrap with gauze and leave to act for several hours.
  • Repeat the treatment on a daily basis until the warts have disappeared.

Aloe vera

Aloe gel is used in Chinese medicine for the treatment of various skin disorders includingwarts. It is able to hydrate and soften the affected area. You can extract the aloe gel directly from a leaf and apply it generously on thewart to be eliminated.

Lemon essential oil

In aromatherapy, lemon essential oil is among the most effective remedies for the treatment ofwarts. Lemon essence is easy to find: on Amazon, a 30 ml bottle of 100% pure lemon essential oil is priced at 7.79 with free shipping.

Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil can be used as a natural remedy for corns and warts. Thanks to its emollient properties it is an excellent alternative to specific products you find in pharmacies. L'jojoba oilfor skin and hair care can be purchased in the most well-stocked herbalist shops or through online purchases. A great100% pure organic jojoba oilis offered on Amazon at a price of 7.99 euros for the 100 ml bottle.

How to get rid of warts with a chemical peel

Thechemical peelis a technique employed inaesthetic medicineto neutralize blemishes and skin imperfections.

Among the most used agents is theTCA, trichloroacetic acid. It is a product to be used with some caution and attention. Generally, tca-based products to eliminate corns, scars, leeks, spots and warts are supplied with a specific applicator: the product must be selectively applied only on the area to be treated.

When using this product, read the information leaflet and adhere to the doses and treatment period described on the package. There are not many TCA-based products titled to eliminate warts. To purchase, you can contact your trusted pharmacist or, even in this case, take advantage of the online purchase: on Amazon, the Master Aid Crioline product with applicator is offered at a price of approximately 18 euros with shipping costs included in the price.

The product should be used with caution and with only two applications per day for 4 days. After the fourth day you should wait 48 - 56 hours to see improvements and if the wart has not completely disappeared, you should repeat the treatment with other applications, always not exceeding four days in a row.

We recommend the use of trichloroacetic acid only if inatural remedies for wartshad not had the desired effect.

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