Melasma, remedies and treatment

Melasma, remedies and treatment

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Melasma, remedies and treatment: natural cures and advice for treating the skin discoloration known as melasma.

Themelasmacomes in the form ofdark patchesappearing on the cheeks, temples and forehead. There is also talk ofSunspotsbecause sun exposure can worsen the condition by accentuating its dark pigmentation.

Melasma, causes

We talk aboutmelasma gravidarum or mask of pregnancy because this discoloration of the skin is often a feature of pregnancy. In some circumstances, themelasma it is caused by taking the birth control pill, by the administration of hydantoin (a common drug used to treat epilepsy) or without a known cause.

Melasma, remedies and treatment

When it comes tomelasma gravidarumormelasmainduced by the intake of drugs such as birth control pills or antiepileptics, thecarebest is the interruption of drug treatment. In many cases, in fact, the spots disappear spontaneously after the hormonal stimulus induced by pregnancy, the birth control pill or the use of hydantoin. Sometimes the pigmentation was already aggravated by the sun and themelasmaturns into the classicsSunspots triggering an almost irreversible condition.

THEtreatmentsdoctors may understand the use ofcreamscontainingazelaic acid, kojic acid, hydroquinone and tretinoin.Cosmetics suggests the use of exfoliating creams rich in steroid substances for topical use.

Traditional medicine proposes a melasma treatment laser-based, similar to that seen to eliminate stretch marks. Any invasive treatment is not recommended, as stated, often themelasmait disappears spontaneously.

Melasma, natural cures

There are somenatural remediesmore or less effective, used to lighten the skin and regress the browning typical ofmelasma.

Lemon juice

Betweennatural remediesmore common and simple, there is the topical application, with cotton balls, of lemon juice. Lemon juice has astringent properties and has been used for years to improve the health of the skin. The lemon juice will have to act directly on the affected skin for several minutes. To facilitate application, it is possible to make a mask based on yogurt (preferably goat's milk) and lemon juice to leave on for 15 minutes. The treatment should be performed for a month on a daily basis.


Betweendo it yourself remediesto cure themelasmaa wrap made with banana pulp is often reported. In this case, the treatment should be repeated only four times a week. The pack should be kept on the affected skin for 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

Onion and apple cider vinegar

Chop an onion and add a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. This pack will not have a pleasant smell, it is true, but it could actually lighten the affected skinmelasma. Apply and leave for 15 minutes.

Onion contains sulfur which should help discolor the dark spots of melasma (it can also be effective againstSunspots). As for apple cider vinegar, it is rich in acetic acid which will help make the skin brighter. The treatment must be performed every day. To make the pack, it is even better if you are able to extract the juice from the onion using a centrifuge or juice extractor.

oat flour

Oatmeal has excellent exfoliating properties. It is recommended fordark spots on the skin, theSunspotsand themelasma. Mix oatmeal, goat's milk and honey until you get a thick but easy to apply paste. Spread the paste on the skin and let it act. This treatment must be repeated three times a week.

Almond oil

Almond oil is an excellent nutrient for the skin. It is rich in vitamin E and helps prevent skin pigmentation.

Natural mask

In the article entitledNatural beauty maskwe have explained to you how to prepare a moisturizing and nourishing cream. In this cream there are several ingredients useful to lighten skin blemishes and counted among the cures of melasma.

Even if they are natural remedies, use them with caution. Apply the product prepared first on a small part of the skin, if it burns or irritates, wash immediately.

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