Dubai 2020, the theme of the next Expo

Dubai 2020, the theme of the next Expo

Dubai 2020: from thethemeofExpopreviews already made known. All preliminary information on what the theme will beExpo 2020 Dubai.

Expo Dubai 2020, theme"Connecting minds, creating the future". Let's see together what the next Dubai Universal Exposition 2020 will be about.

In2020 SaraDubaito pick up the baton of the Universal Exposition in Milan, the common thread continues with environmental sustainability and the planet's resources, among the resources there is no lack of human intelligence and on this that thethemeof the nextExpo Dubai 2020.

As thethemechosen forDubai 2020, the solution to the problems of the planet can only mature through collaboration between different cultures, cooperation between nations and above allconnecting mindsamong them, in a continuous brain storming to achieve increasingly important goals and with greater awareness.

Thus was born the theme"Connecting minds, creating the future", athemewhich, if we want, was anticipated by the United Arab Emirates Pavilion on the occasion ofMilan Expo 2015, whose concept which was based on the theme "Feeding the Planet" was not by chance entitled "Food for the mind. Outline and share the future". A well-intertwined plot and a topic that leaves a lot of room for innovation and confrontation between peoples.

ThethemeofExpo Dubai 2020it is closely related to the Arabic name of the city al-Wasl (Arabic ﺍﻟﻮﺻﻞ) which literally means “the link”.

The Dubai Universal Exposition 2020 will fall in the year of the fiftieth anniversary of the birth of the United Arab Emirates, the Golden Jubilee of the state, a holiday that, among other things, commemorates independence from the United Kingdom.

Dubaiit has always been the city of innovation but also of waste and luxury. For the next2020 this Arab city has in mind to transform itself into the metropolis moreeco friendlyof the Planet.

The place where the Universal Exposition will be heldDubai 2020it is located halfway between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. In order not to leave anything to chance, the center of the exhibition site is given by the Al Wasl square, named with the ancient name ofDubaiwhat does it meanthe connection.

The thematic arias of the events branch off from this square, extending like three large petals, each with athemevery specific:

  • Opportunity
  • Sustainability
  • Mobility

Among the petals will rise the most important pavilions of Expo Dubai 2020, namely theWelcome pavilion, the Innovation Pavilion and the UAE Pavilion(United Arab Emirates)

As stated, on the occasion ofExpo 2020, Dubaiwill become the most sustainable metropolis in the world and the Universal Exposition will be a first business card:

  • the avenues around the thematic areas ofExpo Dubai 2020they will be covered with photovoltaic material that will meet 50% of the electricity needs of the exhibition site.
  • Those transposed within the site will be managed with a cable car.
  • To reach the site, the Expo Riders, zero-emission electric buses, will be activated.
  • The public transport network will be intensified with the construction of a new metro station in Dubai.

Expo Dubai 2020 - FAQ

When will the Dubai 2020 Exhibition be held?

Expo 2020, which will take place from 20 October 2020 to 10 April 2021.

What is the theme of Expo Dubai 2020?

"Connecting minds, creating the future". Translated into Italian«Connecting minds, creating the future» .

What is the purpose of Expo Dubai 2020?

The goal of the event is to make Dubai a collector of ideas from every corner of the globe; ideas will have to simplify life and improve its quality without forgetting what has been done with Expo 2015. We will try to synthesize projects and ideas in a common vision for our future.

Where is taking place Expo Dubai 2020?

The exhibition area of Dubai 2020will be set up in a new exhibition center covering an area of ​​about 400 hectares, this is theDubai Trade Center - Jebel Ali, located in the area adjacent to the new Al Maktoum International Airport and served by the most innovative transport network on the planet.

Expo Dubai 2020 and Emirates Gold Jubilee

Expo 2020 in Dubai coincides with the celebrations of the Emirates Gold Jubilee, whose independence from the United Kingdom was sanctioned on 2 December 1971.

On the occasion of Expo 2020 in Dubai, about 25 million visitors are expected to arrive, 70% of which from overseas.

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