Creative recycling with pallets

Creative recycling with pallets

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Creative pallet recycling: step-by-step instructions to creatively recycle pallets and build coffee tables, sofas, planters and more.

The creative pallet recycling comes everywhere, from the living room to the garden, here are the simplest and most effective ideas for creating a DIY table with pallets and an original garden planter.

Creative pallet recycling

What are pallets, the treasures of DIY

Pallets are wooden platforms generally used for the transport of materials (including furniture, heavy equipment, etc.). Using the pallet, the object to be transported is placed higher, detaches from the floor, facilitating transport.

These wooden pallets are truly a resource for those who love DIY since they lend themselves to so many creations. Creative pallet recycling is one of the most talked about topics for DIY veterans, in theory you could really create anything with the pallet. In this article you will find out how to be able to creatively recycle a pallet.

Where to find the pallets?

You have two options for getting a pallet:

  • look for them in the parking lots of shops or markets.
  • Purchase them in DIY stores.
  • Retrieve them in port or goods unloading areas.

How to disassemble a pallet

First of all to be able to "create" in some way you must first "destroy" a pallet. Depending on the type of creation you want to carry out through the creative recycling of a pallet, this will have to be disassembled in some way. Don't worry, you don't have to completely disassemble it but "detach" certain pieces depending on the object you are going to produce.

With the following video you will discover step by step how to disassemble a pallet, in this way you can use the various components to create useful and design recycled objects.

The video shows how to dismantle the pallet until single pieces are obtained. These little DIY treasures will be the ingredients to really create anything!

But remember that it is a real shame to smash the entire pallet. It is preferable to "save" some part of it (such as the platform itself) and exploit this for creative recycling.

Pallets have a strong and resistant structure, so it is not advisable to disassemble them to obtain single pieces of wood.

Creative pallet recycling: how to build a coffee table

Why not build a cute little table out of a pallet? You can create in a few steps and with a little effort, a comfortable DIY table with the pallet to create a stylish and personalized environment.

Creative pallet recycling: needed to build a table with the pallet

  • One Pallet
  • Two wooden shelves of the same size (which will act as the top and bottom of the table)
  • Gardener's gloves (to protect your hands)
  • Electric sander or thick textured sandpaper
  • A jar of cementite
  • Hacksaw
  • Adhesive silicone
  • Wood varnish
  • Adhesive rubber pads

How to build a pallet table, step by step guide

  1. First you will have to transform the pallet in order to give it the measurements you need, you just need to use a hacksaw to cut the excess parts, you need at least 3 boards, but you can also create a larger table.
  2. Cut only the part of the pallet that you do not need, without disassembling the whole structure, you will have to reduce its dimensions according to the size you want to give to the DIY coffee table, if you have no particular needs try to adapt the pallet to the measures of the wooden top which will be the top.
  3. Obtain from the parts of the pallets that you do not need 4 cubes, which will later become the feet of the table.
  4. Do you use the electric sander or sandpaper to smooth the wood of the pallet, you don't want to get hurt? Pay close attention to "hidden" corners and splinters.
  5. In the same way, also sand the wooden tops (which will become the top and bottom of the table)
  6. Check that the wood is smooth and clean;
  7. At this point you will need to create a homogeneous layer using cementite. Brush the entire surface of the pallet well, the cementite resins will improve the effect of the wood sanding work.
  8. Repeat the same operation also on the wooden shelves and don't forget to smooth and paint the cubes too.
  9. After passing the cementite let it dry for about 6 hours (but always refer to the instructions on the package).
  10. Once the cementite has dried, you can proceed with the painting, choose the color you like best and that matches the living room or room in which you are going to put your DIY coffee table. Let your imagination run wild, you can also paint the pallet structure and top with different colors, creating a more modern effect.
  11. With the help of adhesive silicone, glue the bottom and table top to the structure, be very careful to be precise in matching the top and bottom to the pallet.
  12. With the silicone also glue the feet of the table on which you have attached the adhesive rubber pads.
  13. Your pallet table is ready to use!

Creative pallet recycling: how to make a planter with pallets

This nice idea will make your garden truly rustic and is an excellent solution to highlight flowers and plants making the most of the space. The planter made with the pallet in fact lends itself very well to small environments, such as balconies or unused corners. Consider this is one wall pallet planter, so to use it you will need a resistant wall on which you can go and place the hooks to hang your creation.

You need to make a planter with pallets

  • Pallet
  • Hacksaw
  • Nails and hammer
  • Sand paper
  • Rectangular vases
  • Protective wood flatting
  • 2 iron hooks
  • Wrought iron balconies
  • Screws

How to make a planter with the pallet: indications

  1. Get a pallet of the size you need or use the hacksaw to cut the excess part and use only the part necessary to create the planter (rectangular or square, you have to choose the measures according to the space you have available).
  2. With sandpaper, sand the entire surface of the wood;
  3. Use the protective flatting (you choose if transparent or on the market you can also find versions that revive the wood without changing its grain) in this way the planter with pallets will have a very rustic look, highlighting the color of plants and flowers that you will go to. to insert.
  4. Let the flatting dry, if necessary, give an additional coat of paint.
  5. Fix the iron hooks with the screws on the top of the planter;
  6. Use the nails to create the supports on the wall on which to hang the planter;
  7. Hook the wrought iron balconies to the planter
  8. Place the pots in which you are going to plant your flowers in the pallet planter!

Other creative recycling ideas with pallets:DIY sofa with pallets.

Video: Creative Ideas And Ways To Recycle And Reuse A Wooden Pallet. How To Build Smart Ladder Chair, DIY (May 2022).


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