Cork floors, advantages and disadvantages

Cork floors, advantages and disadvantages

Cork floors: prices, opinions, advantages and disadvantages. All the useful information to evaluate the installation of a virgin or recycled cork floor.

Thecorkis a particular type of wood obtained fromcork oak, typical tree of the areaMediterranean. Thecorkit is a material widely used in construction: it is appreciated for its insulating properties both from a thermal and an acoustic point of view. In construction, thecorkit is used for the development of insulating panels or floors to absorb noise.

Cork floors, advantages

Betweenadvantageswe immediately include the natural properties of cork: heat-insulating, sound-absorbing and… natural. Cork is a natural material, therefore completely non-toxic (unlike many other insulating panels made with synthetic materials). It is perfect for decorating the home or to give a note of warmth and make an office welcoming. Among the advantages we point out that its installation is simple, does not require long interventions and it is a durable material over time.

The market proposescork parquetand other types ofcork floormade 100% waterproof because treated with waxes that increase its resistance to foot traffic and make it childproof.

THEcork floorsthey do not require particular attention: maintenance is simple and is comparable to that of a classic floor.

The installation is made simple because icork floorsthey are marketed in floating modular sections that must be installed dry, interlocking or with a particular glue.

It is possible to lay it on a pre-existing floor without the need for preliminary work.

Just as they can be easily installed, it is similarly possible to remove the cork strips at any time without altering the appearance of the underlying floor.

Cork floors, disadvantages

Disadvantages in case of installation on pre-existing floors

In the case of existing flooring, the only research to do before deciding whether to renovate the house with acork floorit concerns the height of the thresholds: the fixtures (doors and windows) should probably be modified and in extreme cases the skirting boards should also be replaced.

It is true that maintenance is simple but to preserve the appearance of thecorkit is necessary to clean with specific detergents, especially in the case of waxed cork floors.

They should be washed with a little water and neutral soaps or specific detergents for wood, just like with classic solid wood parquet.

Cork floors, prices

Prices vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer and also according to the thicknesses required and the desired finish. The cost of the material also varies according to the method of installation, whether interlocking or with gluing system.

Floor cork panels with a thickness of about 10 mm, with interlocking installation, can be purchased at a price of about 30 euros per square meter. Those with gluing system can be bought at a price of 15 euros. There is no shortage of cork floors for outdoors but in this context, prices could go up.

Recycled cork floors

In the field of creative recycling there is no shortage of designers and planners who develop recycled cork floors. In the following photo there is a small piece of flooring made with simple corks.

The composition of the work of recycling it's simple: the corks can be fixed next to each other with different materials.

There is no lack of more complex processes where corks have been compressed to form a compact layer. The "joints" between several rows of corks can be easily covered to create a homogeneous floor thanks to transparent resin coatings.

With a larger quantity of resin for coatings it would be possible to cover the gaps even in the case of a recycled cork floor made with unpressed caps.

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