Green roof, reference legislation

Green roof, reference legislation

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Green roof, legislation and incentives: let's talk about the law governing the construction of green roofs. From the thickness to the possibilities of access to tax deductions.

Who decides to adopt agreen roofcan exploit theincentivesstate governments provided for by the 2016 Stability Law and confirmed for 2017 (although to a lesser extent)

Whether in the case of a new construction, extension or renovation, thegreen roofcan benefit fromtax deductionsto the extent of 65% for the improvement of the energy performance obtained. In other words, taxpayers who decide to implement agreen roofon the existing house, on a new construction or in the event of an extension, they can deduct 65% of the expenditure incurred on IRPEF. To access this incentive, it will be sufficient to properly document the expense and make it known at the time of the tax return. The intervention must be paid by credit card or bank transfer where, in the description, the regulatory reference must be indicated. Only in this case the realization of the green roof will be able to benefit from the personal income tax deductions.

Green roof, legislation

Therelegislationreference in the field ofgreen roofsand theUNI 1 1235of 2007 which governs, in technical terms, the construction of a green roof. In particular, the legislation places the"Instructions for the design, execution, control and maintenance of green roofs". Thislegislationstands as a reference point for the state-of-the-art construction of green roofs.

UNI 1 1235 of 2007 is not the only reference legislation, subsequently, theDPR n. 59of 2 April 2009 recognizes thegreen roofas a contributing element to the improvement ofenergy performanceof the building, and for this reason the construction of agreen roofcan enjoy the incentives provided for by thetax deductionsof therenovation bonus.

Again, thelawn. 10 of 14 January 2013 states the“Rules for the development ofurban green spaces” and sees thegreen roofas a means of increasing green spaces to promote savings, energy efficiency andabsorption of fine dust. All the advantages related to the diffusion ofgreen roofshave been listed in the article "The advantages of a green roof ".

Thereadgoverning the installation of agreen roofthey are not limited to those just mentioned: at the levelmunicipal, the building regulations of the local administration direct citizens to intervene on buildings with green roofs.

How to make a green roof

In the article entitledhow to make a green roofwe have clarified the differences between extensive green roofisintensive green roof. In this paragraph we will clarify some features of thegreen roofintensive and extensive in order to help you with your choice. Thickness, weight, construction and maintenance costs.

Green roof, thick

The extensive green roofsees a substrate with a thickness of 8 - 15 or 15 - 20 cm. Inintensive green roofthe substrate must be at least 20 cm and not more than 150 cm. According to the thickness, theweight of the green rooftherefore, in the design phase, it will be appropriate to evaluate thescopeof the roof. Preliminary technical assessments are essential for a safe implementation.

Recall that theextensive green roofit can only be walked on for maintenance work while theintensive green roofis comparable to agarden.

Green roof, weight

Theweight of the green roofit varies a lot according to the type. Theextensive green roofsees a weight ranging from a minimum of 70 km to a maximum of 250 kg per square meter.

The weight of an intensive green roof ranges between 400 and 750 kg per square meter. In this case the weight increases not only due to the greater thickness of the substrate but also based on the wider choice of botanical varieties to be cultivated.

Green roof, maintenance

Theextensive green roofsees very limited maintenance. Irrigation is carried out only in periods of long drought and only in emergency situations. A maximum of two maintenance interventions per year are required but the green roof, in this case, cannot be walked on.

Aintensive green roofneeds recurring maintenance. Irrigation interventions are required and the maintenance is comparable to that of the classic garden.

Green roof, construction cost

The price of a green roof is difficult to estimate. Wanting to make an overall average, i costs of construction related to the installation of aextensive green roofoscillate between 40 and 80 euros per square meter while the cost for the realization of aintensive green roofstarts at 80 euros per square meter.

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