Catalan Shepherd Dog

Catalan Shepherd Dog

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Catalan Shepherd Dog, a dog from Spain, from a specific region of Spain where it has developed for centuries without almost interacting with others. Solitary with the cattle to guard, it belongs to the category of shepherd dogs and cattle dogs, it is called Gos d’Atura or Perro pastor Catalàn and exists in both the short-haired and long-haired varieties.

Catalan Shepherd Dog: origins

This breed developed in an area closed between mountain ranges that served as natural barriers and even today it is very common in the same, between the Iberian mountains, Aragon and the Pyrenees, where the climate is rather harsh. It is therefore conceivable that the Catalan Shepherd Dog got used to being in contact with livestock but not much with people. Although it existed much earlier, it was only in 1929 that the breed was recognized, when it won its first title at the Barcelona show, thanks to a specimen named "Milàn".

There is also the unproven thesis that our Bergamasco sheepdog is among the ancestors. Partially Italian origins or not, the Catalan Shepherd Dog it has spread very nearly only in province of Gerona, initially, even if over the years it has been highly appreciated by enthusiasts. His is a slow hit and the initial standard dated 1929 was also changed in 1982.

Catalan Shepherd Dog: appearance

On average it weighs about 18 kg, the male of the Catalan Shepherd Dog and is high at the withers from 47 to 55 cm, the female is slightly smaller, therefore it can be defined as medium in size. From the morphological point of view it is a Lupoid with a harmonious appearance and a beautiful, very characteristic coat. The body of this Spanish dog shows excellent proportions between head, limbs and trunk, the structure is solid and sturdy, balanced overall despite being longer than tall.

The look of the Catalan Shepherd Dog he is defined as noble, expressive and with a lively and intelligent gaze, his eyes are very open, rounded, dark amber, with black-edged lids. The skull is longer than wide, has a clearly visible stop, a short and pyramid-shaped muzzle that ends in the nose, which is necessarily black.

The ears have a high set and a triangular shape, are thin and pointed, with even long hairs that then form a sort of fringe. The Catalan Shepherd Dog it moves with a light gait, typical of shepherd dogs, with its well developed muscles and its tail, long and short. Some specimens may not even have it, from birth.

Catalan Shepherd Dog: cloak

The coat of this breed is characterized by a rather coarse and abundant coat, with undercoat especially in the back. The moult takes place in two consecutive phases, some specimens may also have beards and mustaches on the muzzle, with tuft and eyebrows.

Seen from afar, a Catalan Shepherd Dog it might seem one-colored but on closer inspection they hide lighter shades especially on the limbs. The allowed colors are fawn, sand and gray and reveal shades of biscuit, sand and gray while black or white spots are not accepted. If the "background" is black, then only white hairs can emerge: it will look like a black dog covered in frost.

Catalan Shepherd Dog: size and weight

The Catalan Shepherd Dog it weighs between 16 and 20 kg in adulthood, with no significant distinctions between male and female specimens.

The height varies between 46 and 55 cm, with males usually a little taller.

Catalan Shepherd Dog: character

As often happens in breeds that were born in isolated places and with a tempering climate, this too, of Catalan Shepherd Dog shows a strong temperament. It is therefore a very lively, sober and intelligent animal. It is the perfect dog both for those looking for a valid life partner, a friend, and for those who need someone reliable to look after the flock or livestock.

Being very brave, he is also valid watchdog and it would never allow intruders to enter its territories. While remaining a little dog on its own, it can also adapt to living at home with the family, if well accustomed, in general it is quite enough well trainable. Of course we can be sure that he does not have a quarrelsome nature. He shows himself lonely and completely dedicated to his work.

Catalan Shepherd Dog: breeding

In 2015 the ENCI counts ten examples of Catalan Shepherd Dog, I say "well" because in previous years they were a maximum of a couple. On line there is a kennel in the Bologna area, a Transfer, “Mariza's Catalan Shepherd”.

On the official website you can find out more if you are interested in a Catalan Shepherd Dog all for you. In general - then it depends from specimen to specimen - this breed is very rustic and has few needs, it does not require special care, neither in terms of nutrition, nor in terms of coat care. And it does not create particular problems for the owner. Better not put him in a small apartment, however, considering his hair, size and character: with at least a small garden he would be better off, with a place all to himself.

Catalan Sheepdog: longevity

The Catalan Sheepdog reaches an average age between 12 and 14 years.

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