Homemade salt dough

Homemade salt dough

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Homemade salt dough: the recipe for salt dough and other modeling pastes to be used with or without cooking. Practical advice and instructions.

Theresalt doughis a very useful modeling clay for having fun with children or for creations various: Christmas decorations, small figurines, decorations for Easter and for theme parties.

How to have fun with children on a rainy day? There are many activities that can be carried out at home and the jobs with salt dough are among the simplestThererecipeof thepastaof salt is easy and affordable for everyone.

Homemade salt dough: recipe and doses

Thererecipeof thesalt doughprovides four easy-to-find ingredients, here are what they are and thedoses indicate:

  • 1 full glass of flour
    Choose double zero white flour. 00 flour makes the dough smoother and whiter.
  • 1 full glass of fine salt
    Therefore, the doses provide that flour and salt must be combined in equal parts.
  • 1/2 glass of tap water
  • 1 tablespoon of vinyl glue

The doses see a ratio of flour, salt and water equal to 2: 2: 1. The quantity depends on the chores you intend to carry out: if it is the first time you prepare thehomemade salt doughbetter not to overdo it! Those indicated are the proportions to follow ... obviously if you use two glasses of white flour you will have to use two of salt, one of water and two tablespoons of vinyl glue, doubling all the doses.

Once all the ingredients have been combined, at the right doses, all you have to do is knead until you get oneDIY modeling clay.

Homemade salt dough, cooking

When you have prepared yoursdo it yourself salt dough, all you have to do is have fun: make your own creations and show the children how to make a pumpkin, small farm animals or a worker!

The jobs, once made, must be dried using thecookingin the oven or, if we are in winter, using the heat of the radiator.

The cooking of the salt dough in the oven requires very short times: the pasta does not really have to cook but only dry. Set the oven temperature to minimum and leave the door slightly open to help the moisture escape.

As an alternative to cooking in the oven, you can dry the salt dough jobs on the radiator. Surely this is a longer but lower cost solution.

Cooking is a fundamental phase to preserve the integrity ofyou work with the salt dough! If the creations retain any residual moisture they will fall apart.

How to color homemade salt dough

As for the coloring, many dyes can be added, in small quantities, at the time of mixing. In this way you can realize thehomemade salt doughfrom the most disparate shades.

The dye that everyone recommends to use is food-grade but no one forbids you to use tempera.

By adding food coloring or tempera directly to the mixture ofsalt dough, more uniform colors will be obtained.

How to paint homemade salt dough

Those who prefer can avoid adding food coloring or tempera during the mixing phase. In this case the creationsmust be left to dry naturally and then gohand paintedwhen the salt paste has hardened and completely dehydrated.

The colors to use to paint thehomemade salt doughI'mtempera and watercolors.

After coloring thecreationswith homemade salt dough it is recommended to fix the color using atransparent water repellent paint.The use of water-repellent paint will not only make the DIY creations more shiny by enlivening the colors, it will also be able to preserve the integrity of thesalt doughprotecting it from moisture.

To keep your creations with salt dough longer, keep them in a dry environment, finish them with a layer of transparent water-repellent varnish and make sure they are cooked perfectly.

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