DIY partition wall

DIY partition wall

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DIY partition wall: how to mount a wall to divide two domestic environments. Complete project and instructions, step by step.

A DIY partition wallit can be useful for separating the kitchen from the living room, the living room from the relaxation area or any room in your home. It is possible to make onewooden partition wall, inglass, indrywallor more comfortably in cellular concrete. The same instructions are useful both for making oneDIY partition wallin cellular concrete and if you intend to put something with a better aesthetic effect such as iglass bricks or glass block. In this case you will have to buy a different glue, compatible with the surfaces of the glass blocks (glass blocks).

Cellular concrete

Thecellular concreteis a very versatile product that will help you solve most of the problems at home: from acoustic and thermal insulation to the creation ofDIY partition walls.

What is thecellular concrete? From a mixture of water, silica sand, cement and lime. The production process is very energy-intensive (it requires a lot of energy) and is certainly not among the most ecological materials. Those looking for an ecological solution should aim for the realization of oneDIY partition wall made of wood. Those who do not have good dexterity to model wood will find a good ally in cellular concrete: thisdo-it-yourselfis suitable for anyone. With a little patience and good will anyone can make oneDIY partition wallusing modular concrete blocks. With the right precautions, thispartitionit may also besliding.

Do-it-yourself partition wall, all you need

Based on the project, purchase the right amount of material. The materials needed are:

  • Cellular concrete blocks
    These are modular blocks, buy them of the thickness that best suits your needsacoustic and thermal insulation.
  • Adhesive for cellular concrete
    It will simplify the installation
  • Polyurethane foam
  • Brackets

Among the tools you will need we mention: pencil, level, staff, plumb line, hammer, mason's chisel, trowel, notched trowel, rubber mallet, concrete saw (in case you need to cut one or can blocks to adapt the measures), corner support, brush, drawer or bucket.

DIY partition wall

First, with a pencil mark on the floor the position where you want to mount thepartition. To draw the line, help yourself with a staff. The same lines must be drawn on the supporting walls, including the ceiling. To be precise, you can help yourself with line marking kits.

If thepartitionmust be equipped with a door, marked on the floor where the position of the door jamb must fall.

The next step is optional because the do-it-yourself partition wall can also just be placed against the wall.

Grab a chisel and a hammer: at the vertical line of the wall, make a groove to create a good anchor.

Only in case of humidity

If the room is very humid (bathroom or kitchen) or you have a problem with mold and humidity in the house, it may be advisable not to lay theDIY partition walldirectly on the floor. In these circumstances, lay a U-shaped plastic profile on the ground with a thickness compatible with that of the purchased blocks.

Prepare the glue in a large box or bucket and mix. Spread the adhesive on the sides of the block and lay it in contact with the wall and the floor. Smooth the glue with a spatula to always ensure a regular thickness!

The first block must be positioned in the left corner and is the one that almost interlocks with the wall. It is the starting point for fixing all the other blocks.

If you overdo it with the glue, forlevelyou may need to tap the blocks with a rubber mallet to make them adhere better and keep them level.

Continue to lay the blocks up to the end line of your pencil trace. If the boundary blocks are too large, cut them with a concrete saw. The cut must be done with slow and regular movements, so as not to damage the cut side of the block.

If the partition wall has to reach up to the ceiling, also in this case you can use the saw to make the blocks to measure. Leave a small space between theDIY partition walland the ceiling that you are going to fill with polyurethane foam. Let the foam harden and then cut off all the excess with a cutter. Do not try to "clean" the foam when it is stillsoftbecause you will only dirty the partition and the ceiling. The polyurethane foam will also serve you in case ofDIY partition wallin glass blocks or glass blocks.

You can paint the DIY partition wall made of cellular concrete just like you would a wall plasterboard partition, choose the color you prefer.

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