10 vegetables to grow on the balcony

10 vegetables to grow on the balcony

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10 vegetables from growing on the balcony: our recommendations for cultivate a small vegetable garden on the balcony of the house. Here are the vegetables to grow in pots with ease.

There are manyvegetables that you can grow in pots, however in a limited space like that of thebalcony, it is necessary to make a very careful selection. On this page we offer you 10 vegetables to grow on the balcony to have a fresh source of minerals and vitamins close at hand.

10. Potted lettuce

Among the vegetables to grow on the balcony, lettuce cannot be missing. The lettuce to be grown in pots is the cut lettuce, to be placed in a sheltered position. Lettuce can be harvested from early spring to late autumn.

Together with lettuce and with the same cultivation methods, you can plant curly endive and escarole. Limit nitrogen fertilization.

9. Potted tomato

Choose varieties with determined growth. You can plant the already developed seedlings or start from sowing. The choice of tomatoes is wide: round, elongated, cluster or cherry. In the vase you will need to add a support. It is okay to fertilize tomato seedlings in pots but without exaggeration, you would risk making the plant overdeveloped! More information:grow tomatoes in pots.

8. Potted basil

It comes in handy in salads, pesto, meats and homemade pizza! Basil adapts very well to cultivation in pots, even better if on a terrace, placed in a sunny place. Cut the inflorescences as they form so that the leaves develop well, which are more useful in the kitchen. More information:basil, cultivation in pots.

7. Chilli in a jar

Chillies can be grown for use in the kitchen and / or for ornamental purposes. Potted chillies, both sweet and spicy, can produce a great harvest. Among the sweet varieties you can hypothesize the cultivation of the Neapolitan papaccella.

6. Potted parsley

It can be grown throughout the year by carrying out three sowing: the first in mid-February, the second in mid-June and the third in early September. In this way you can grow parsley in pots all year round. In summer, parsley tends to dry out easily so be careful with irrigation.

5. Potted Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts are easily grown in pots. From a single plant you can harvest 35 sprouts, there is no shortage of more productive varieties. For all information on the cultivation of Brussels sprouts, please refer to the pageGrowing Brussels sprouts.

4. Potted green beans

Amongvegetables to grow on the balconythere is no shortage of green beans, as long as it is the dwarf variety. It can thrive even in modest spaces of land and the early dwarf varieties manage to offer a good harvest in a short time. If the balcony or terrace is equipped with a high railing, you can also adapt the climbing varieties characterized by a less contained development than the dwarf but more productive varieties.

3. Potted mint

Even those who have a vegetable garden should grow mint in pots! Mint is a very rustic and resistant plant so that, under ideal conditions, it can turn into a weed. Those who grow it in pots do not run these risks. Mint is beautiful and fragrant, prefers moist soil and needs frequent pruning.

2. Potted radish

You can grow radish in the same boxes as chicory. Start with sowing, planting 3 seeds at a time at a distance of about 2 cm from each other. Under favorable conditions, radish will give you the first harvest after 35 - 40 days. Radish can also be grown with rocket.

1. Potted peas

If we want to grow the “mangiatutto” variety we need a 35 cm wide pot, to be able to put at least 4 seedlings. For all information, please refer to the guidehow to grow peas in pots.

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