How to dry chillies

How to dry chillies

How to dry chillies: instructions to complete a correct drying of the chili.

Advice to increase storage times

One timedried, ichili Peppersthey can be minced or turned into powder. The chilli powder keeps the spiciness and organoleptic characteristics of the pepper almost unalteredchili pepper. Once dried and powdered, thechili pepperit can also be kept for 2 years!

How to dry chillies

It's possibledry the peppersusing a humidity-free, cool and well-ventilated environment. The drying is quite long and can give rise to phenomena ofmold orrot.

The quickest solution fordry the hot peppersprovides for the use of adryer electric. If you do not yet have an electric dryer, before choosing, I recommend that you read the articlehow to dry fruit and vegetables, on the page we explain what to evaluate before purchasing.

How to dry chillies with an electric dryer

THEchili Peppersfromdrythey must be well washed and deprived ofpeduncle. For a more homogeneous drying, we recommend cutting the chillies in half or even into four parts.

*** Cutting is only recommended forchili pepperwhich have a very thick and fleshy pulp like Habanero peppers, for the most common varieties with thin pulp (such ascayenne) it is not necessary to cut. By cutting ichili Peppersyou will be able to eliminate any rotten parts and also use those peppers that you would otherwise have destined for the organic waste bin.

Remember that for peppers cut in half, drying times will be faster.

If you are cutting, remember to wear gloves! Chilli pepper contains cpsicin or capsaicin, the active ingredient of plants of the genus Capsicum, this substance is irritating and can cause burning. If you inadvertently forget to wear gloves, to relieve the burning sensation it will not be enough to wash your hands with soap, lemon, tomato juice or bleach ... nothing will free you from that burning ... nothing less than alcohol. Alcohol tends to degrade organic substances including capsicin. In any case, we advise you to use gloves so as to resolve upstream and prevent burning.

Using aelectric dryer, ichili Peppersthey can be kept longer for the amount of water will be eliminated completely, which is why we do not recommend that you dry the chillies naturally but to use an electric dryer.

Electric dryer and drying temperature

The temperature ofdryingis fundamental and fordry the chilliesin a homogeneous way it is essential to choose low temperatures. It is for this reason that we do not recommend youdry the peppers in the oven.

Too high temperatures, above 55 - 60 ° C, can alter the flavor and spiciness of the chili. Furthermore, drying in the oven returns a dried product with a faint aroma oftoasted or evenburnt.

For drying, choose temperatures between 50 and 55 degrees. According to the dryer model and the size of thechili Peppers, set the timer of the electric dryer. Drying takes a time ranging from 8 to 12 hours.

You can check if ichili Peppersthey are wellbucketsif, taking them between your fingers, they crumble easily.

TOdryingcompleted it is important to keep thechili Peppersin airtight glass jars: dried chillies must not absorb moisture otherwise they will mold.

Electric dryer, which one to choose?
Among the various products on the market, we point out the Severin OD 2940 5-compartment dryer that offers 5 removable inserts that can dry fruit, vegetables and herbs.

If you are looking for slightly more expensive models of dryers with the possibility of adjusting the temperature, I recommend that you read the last paragraph of the pageHow to dry chillies,in the first reported it is possible to dry even more than 3 kg of chili Peppers.

How to make dried chillies in the oven

If, despite the risks described above, you prefer to dry the peppers in the oven, set a temperature of 50 ° C and use a preferably ventilated oven. The result obtained will never be comparable to that returned by an electric dryer.

Chili powder

Once the chillies are dried, they can be reduced to a powder with the use of agrinder. When grinding very hot varieties, wear a mask! Depending on the dried variety, you can get bright red, pink, yellow, orange, brown or even whitish chili powder.

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