Easy to grow vegetables

Easy to grow vegetables

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Easy to grow vegetables in pots or in the garden. Instructions to be able to grow vegetables without difficulty.

The choice ofvegetablesfromgrow in potso in the garden it must be carried out according to our preferences but without underestimating the needs of the plants. There are some vegetables that require constant care and others that are moreeasy to growas they are lowmaintenanceand require little care.

If you do not intend to devote time to the vegetable garden (grown in the field or in pots), you must choose parameters carefully to allow the optimal development of the plant and prevent the appearance of various diseases. It is true that there are godseasy to grow vegetablesbut it is equally true that if the needs of the plants are not respected they will be more prone to infestations of harmful insects or fungal diseases. So, before growing vegetables in pots or in the open, make sure you:

  • - choose the right exposure in accordance with the needs of the plant
  • - choose the appropriate soil for growing in pots
  • - prepare a draining layer on the bottom of the pot
  • - carry out deep digging works in case of open field cultivation
  • - grant the right spaces to the plants (not crowded pots or flower beds, a good ventilation counteracts the onset of fungal diseases and molds)
  • - choose vases and containers of adequate size.

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These are simple precautions that must be carried out only once, at the time of the start of cultivation. If you are looking foreasy-to-grow vegetables in potsor in the garden, you certainly don't want to startcropsstarting from sowing! Then go to your trusted nursery and buy the plants already developed and ready for transplanting into pots or planting in the garden.

Easy to grow vegetables at home

For thecultivation in pots (using windows, terraces, verandas or balconies), make sure you have the right containers. In addition to the classic vases, planters and rectangular boxes, you can take advantage of the cultivation in bags. For more information, please refer to the page:cultivate the vegetable garden on the balcony.

Easy to grow vegetables in pots or in the garden

Carrots, potatoes, garlic, onions and radishes

All root vegetables do not need continuous care and are easily grown.

Root or tuber vegetables manage to thrive even if the orchard tends to neglect them! You can omit any type of treatment even for periods longer than a week. Just pay attention to radishes: as soon as the aerial part thrives, pick them up because if they grow too much they become acre and tend to split.

For who wantsgrow in potsand starting from sowing, radish cultivation is simple: plant 3 seeds at a time at a distance of 3 cm from each other. For potatoes, you can follow the instructions on howgrow potatoes in sacks. Garlic, onion and carrots can be grown in larger planters or boxes.

Leafy vegetables (rocket, lettuce, escarole, chicory ...)

In the spring you can startcultivaterocket and valerianella because they have a very short cultivation cycle (from sowing to harvest) and can give you great satisfaction even in the short term.

In summer you can sow head vegetables such as lettuce, escarole and chicory. These leafy vegetables are very resistant to withering. These vegetables can also be easily grown in pots.

For those who grow in pots: in April, you can sow lettuce and rocket by distributing the seeds in two different planters. You can also choose shallow planters. The seeds must be distributed as well as when salted.

Aromatic plants

Aromatic herbs are perfect for those who want to grow in pots or in the garden. They resist even 5 - 6 days without irrigation. For basil, it is known that it loves the sun but if you don't intend to irrigate it often, grow it in a partial shade area.

Tomatoes, aubergines and peppers

They can be easily grown both in pots and in open fields. For other tips, I invite you to read article 10vegetables to grow on the balcony.

Artichokes, watermelon, beans, melon, fennel and celery

These too can be considered easy to grow plants and low maintenance: you can concentrate irrigations only once a week.

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