Air conditioners bonus 2016

Air conditioners bonus 2016

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Air conditioners bonus 2016: all the info to access thebonusfor the purchase of aair conditioner with or without heat pump.

Air conditioners bonus 2016 cone without renovation, here are the access requirements and how to obtain the benefit.

Like theboiler replacement bonus, including the purchase and installation of aconditionercan benefit fromtax deductionsat the time of the 2017 tax returnair conditioners bonus 2016it can also be used in the absence of interventions byrenovationbecause it is the installation itself that represents an extraordinary maintenance work in the home and therefore can access the bonus provided by the 2016 Stability Law. Let's see immediately all the details on the requirements to be met and how to accessair conditioners bonus 2016.

Purchase of air conditioner with building renovation bonus

In case of building renovation
Those who carry out a building renovation can obtain a tax relief of 50% of the expenditure incurred for all the renovations, in addition, they can have apersonal income tax deduction50% on the costs incurred for the purchase and installation of an air conditioner but only if this new system is aheat pump. A 10% VAT reduction is added to the deduction of 50%. To find out which building interventions can access the bonus, please read the page:restructuring deduction, interventions allowed.

Furniture bonus, with renovation
Also in this case there is a tax relief of 50% on the cost of purchasing and installing aconditioner. This time, however, it does not necessarily have to be a heat pump because the energy class will be authentic. The air conditioner must be at least class A +.

Air conditioner bonus without renovation
As anticipated in the introduction, it is possible to access theair conditioners bonus 2016even without building renovation. The purchase and installation of an air conditioner can benefit from a 50% tax relief distributed in 10 annual installments. The only condition, as in the first case analyzed, is that the air conditioner is a heat pump.

Air conditioners bonus 2016, to whom it belongs

Who is eligible for the air conditioners bonus?
Theair conditioners bonus 2016it is up to all taxpayers who pay IRPEF or IRAP and is paid in different ways depending on whether the taxpayer decides to benefit from the restructuring bonus, the furniture bonus or the air conditioning bonus without restructuring.

What does the air conditioner bonus consist of? In summary.
With the restructuring bonus:
there is a tax relief of 50% + a VAT reduction of 10% with the purchase constraint of an air conditioner with heat pump

With the mobile bonus:
there is a tax relief of 50%, there is no constraint on the heat pump but the taxpayer must purchase an energy-saving air conditioner, which is at least class A +.

Without renovation:
Tax relief of 50% but with the purchase constraint of a heat pump air conditioner.

In all cases, any restructuring and purchase of the air conditioner must be carried out by 31 December 2016.

Request for the 2016 air conditioner bonus

The methods of accessing the bonus are the same as in the case of2016 restructuring bonus.The request for access to theair conditioners bonus 2016it is performed at the same time as the 2017 tax return with reference to the expenditure incurred in 2016, while the current year's tax return is used for the purchase sustained (and documented) in the previous year.

In order to access thebonus conditionersthe expenditure performed must betraceable, that is, you will have to support the purchase by paying by credit card or bank transfer.

In the case of a bank transfer, it is important to pay attention to the reason: you must enter your tax code and the retailer's VAT number. Alternatively, you can shop by credit card. You must keep the purchase document (receipt / invoice) and, in the case of energy-saving air conditioners bonus, documentation certifying the consumption class.

You bought a new air conditioner, now what? Remember to carry out the correct maintenance to ensure low consumption and long life. For every information:Air conditioner maintenance.

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