Green building, certifications for orientation

Green building, certifications for orientation

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Green building, the list of certifications to orientate on the choice of materials and the solutions to be undertaken in the construction field. Advice for those who build and for those who have decided to renovate their home.

There are many materials that land in the sector ofgreen building, from paints to bricks, but how to understand if a product really issurefor human health and the environment? It is in this context that thegreen building certifications, in the first laenergy class of buildingslinked to the APE certification (energy performance certificate) ... but let's start step by step and let's seewhat is green building.

Green building, what it is

With the termgreen buildingreference is made to those building practices employed forlimiting the environmental impact and maximizing well-being and home comfort.

Theregreen buildingwas born in Germany in the sixties when it was spokenBaubiologie, the meaning of this German term translates intogreen building. The first real work on thegreen buildingit was published in the 1970s with the bookThe Healthy House, the text highlighted the relationship between people and the building environment in which they lived and still, the building environment related to nature. With the development and expansion of the concepts ofgreen buildingwe started talking aboutenvironmental and electromagnetic compatibility. The building structure is designed to have a positive impact on the life of the inhabitants as well as a low impact from an environmental point of view.

Green building, certifications to know

Code numberbio, withbuilding and architecture, refers to the need for design, construction and selection of materials with the most characteristicshealthy as possible. Theregreen buildingwants to restore maximum comfort and the highest possible level of well-being to the inhabitant and, at the same time, have minimal impact on the environment. Theregreen buildingmoves perfectly in line with the principles ofSustainable Development, therefore it is a discipline that requires an ethical, cultural and above all commitmenttechnical. It is precisely in the areatechnicalthat can help usgreen building certifications, let's see together what they are:


LEED is a system ofcertificationof buildings on a voluntary basis: it is desired by those who promote the building from an energy and environmental point of view. The certification is structured with 4 levels ofevaluationspossible. Reaching a level requires a point evaluation. The four levels are:LEED, LEED Silver, LEED Gold and LEED Platinum. The more the building has a low environmental impact, the more leed credits it gets.

- EMAS,Eco Management and Audit Scheme

EMAS certification,Eco Management and Audit Scheme, is a voluntary membership system created for companies and organizations. Also in this case there are pre-established evaluation criteria. EMAS is a real tool through which interested parties can learn about the environmental performance of a given activity. It is a very generic certification and not exclusively linked to the construction sector. In construction, it could be applied for companies that produce prefabricated houses, insulation modules and other energy-efficient materials.


Very popular certification, it is the eco-label awarded to products and services with high environmental performance. The Ecolabel is a brand assigned to individual products (furnishing accessories, fixtures, coatings, panels ...) and therefore not to the entire building.

- Casa Clima Agency, KlimaHOus

And thegreen building certificationbest known. It is specifically aimed at green building and is assigned only following a series of investigations and assessments ranging from construction to the end of the product's life cycle (disposal / recycling / recovery). The certification applies the methodLife Cycle Assessmentin accordance with ISO 14040. Lacertificationprovides for an audit of the manufacturing plant!

- Energy performance certificate: ENERGY CLASS

Despite all thecertificationslisted so far, the most useful tool for evaluating an interventionrenovationor buying a house, is the APE,Energy Performance Certificate.Before starting any renovations, ask the designer to predict what will be thereenergy rating of your home following the renovation. For every information:new bee and energy class.

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