LEED certification, what it is and how it works

LEED certification, what it is and how it works

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LEED certification, what it is? What criteria to respect to obtain it in the event of renovation or new construction. Comparison between LEED Platinum certification and LEED Gold certification.

In the context ofgreen building certificationsthatleedit is undoubtedly among the most authoritative and internationally recognized. On this page we will try to provide you with various information by explaining what this certification is and the criteria for issuing it in the case of new buildings or renovations.

Leed certification, what it is

LEEDis the standard of energy certification and most widespread sustainability in the world. For the release of that certification a set of factors ranging from design to building management are examined. The criteria analyze design, construction and management from various points of view (environmental, economic, social, well-being). In particular, of an inhabited area that intends to boast of the leed certification, will be evaluated:

  • the environmental impact
  • the economic impact
  • the social impact
  • the impact on health

The release of the LEED certification

Leveraging abuilding sustainability assessment system, “credits” are assigned on the basis of which certification will then be issued or not. The scoring system opens the door to 4 "categories "certification. We have thus, in order of importance:

  • thereLEED Platinum certification
  • leed Gold certification
  • LEED Silver certification
  • leed certification

The leed platinum certification provides a score ranging from 80 to 110. The leed gold certification sees a score ranging from 60 to 79. The silver a score from 50 to 59 and, finally, theleed certifiedor the basic certification, requires compliance with certain prerequisites and the achievement of 40 to 49 credits.

The release of the LEED certification is bound to a series of assessments. Of a building we observe:

  • choice of site and transport
  • integrated process
  • water management
  • sustainable sites
  • energy and atmosphere
  • materials and resources
  • quality of the internal environment
  • innovation
  • regional priority

It is an evaluation processarticulated and complexinvolving many sectors. For example, credits can be issued based on the sustainability of an intervention, i.e. based on any preventive works implemented to limit pollution related to construction site activities (water consumption during construction, use of resources and materials ... more credits are issued if local materials are used so as to limit the use of transport).

LEED certification and building renovation

In the case of renovation, the built-up area, to obtain LEED certification, must reduce or eliminate negative impacts on the environment and therefore drastically cut consumption. The evaluation criteria are not very different from those stated in the case of new construction. With the works ofgreat renovationyou can get more credits and then go furtherleed certifiedBasic.

An example ofrenovationwhich saw the release of theleed gold certification(the certificationgoldis second only to platinum, with a score range from 60 to 79) is theEinaudi College of Turin, Renzo Piano's Intesa San Paolo skyscraper was also able to boast theleed certificationfollowing a major renovation.

In the case of the Einaudi College in Turin, the restructuring process involved interventions aimed at reducing water and energy consumption and at a more conscious use of resources by using recycled materials. The renovation involved the implementation of a thermal insulation system with the addition of highly energy efficient windows and doors featuring recycled aluminum profiles. In addition to the building choices aimed at thermal insulation, the building has seen excellent plant solutions with the use of sanitary equipment with low water consumption, the use of a heat pump associated with radiant panels and a ventilation system with recovery of the heat.

In case ofrenovation, to increase the credits for the release of theLEED certification, it is possible to appeal to the factorinnovationtaking advantage of home automation and other hi-tech strategies aimed at the more efficient use of resources. Innovation is not only home automation but also the integration of systems such as solar collectors, solar cooling, intelligent solar shading and much more.

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