Pellet stoves: radiators and hot water

Pellet stoves: radiators and hot water

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Pellet stoves: radiators and hot water, how production works. Pellet stoves to warm up i radiators and produce hot water? Yes, it is possible thanks to the latest thermo stoves. Info on prices, operating schemes and use of the pellet boiler.

When it comes touse the pellet stove as heating for radiatorsit refers to those that are thepellet stoves. To better understand the differences between a simple pellet stove, a pellet thermo stove and a pellet boiler, we invite you to read our article "differences between stoves, thermo stoves and pellet boilers ".With thepellet thermo stovethe connection between thestoveand iradiatorsis made possible thanks to a series ofcollectorsthat connect the thermo stoveto the domestic water system and bring hot water to the radiators of the house just like the classic boiler would do. Therepellet thermo stovedraws water from the domestic water supply, heats it by burning the pellets and pours it into the circuit ofradiators.

The functioning of apellet stove for radiatorscan be supported by a system ofsolar panelsso as to create a state-of-the-art heating system providing for the production of domestic hot water with the minimum use of energy (biomass).

Pellet stoves to heat radiators and produce hot water

There are many companies that offer on the marketpellet stovescapable of functioning as a central heating system. The functioning of thepellet stovesis made possible byelectronic boardsthat integrate intelligent software. The software allows to obtain high thermal yields with minimum expenditure (biomass combustion) and maximum safety.

There pellet thermo stove it must be connected to the domestic water supply. The hot water produced by the pellet stove connected to the radiators will be conveyed precisely to feed the coils of the radiators and heat the house. The same operating scheme is used to power the system radial panel heating (underfloor or baseboard heating). In case of radiators there pellet stove will produce high temperature hot water in case of system underfloor heating, the pellet stove it will produce hot water at low temperatures, saving biomass in an even more efficient system configuration.

Some models ofpellet stoves for radiatorshave a fan that releases hot air into the room where the stove is installed, it is a function that can be deactivated but useful for someone! If there is a room in your home where there are no radiators, the pellet stove could be a solution: on the one hand it will heat the room without radiators and on the other it will feed the radiators in the other rooms.

Pellet stoves to be connected to the radiators. Prices

THE prices of thepellet stovesthey vary greatly depending on the functions chosen and the coating material.

The market is not lacking in built-in pellet thermo-stoves, programmable pellet thermo-stoves, pellet thermo-stoves able to interface with the home wifi thermostat or even, which allow remote management via smartphone with simple sms or dedicated apps.

Cladding materials and design also have an impact on the market price of pellet stoves for radiators. The photo above shows the pellet thermo stoveHurricane which stands out for its stylistic choices and for its intelligent electronic control unit.

Last but not least, ipricesof thepellet stovesthey are proportional to the power supplied by the stove. The choice of power must take into account the heat loss of the built-up area, which means that the more the building is poorly insulated, the higher the power of the chosen pellet stove must be. Before considering the purchase of apellet stoveto use asheating for radiators, consider small home renovations to eliminate heat loss (replacement of fixtures, addition of insulating panels…).

Wanting to assume you want heat up with a pellet stove connected to the radiators, a 100 sq m house, you should choose a 25 kW thermo stove to be associated with a 250 liter puffer so that the pellet stove can also be used for the production of domestic hot water. In this context, the cost to be faced (installation, construction of the system, connection to the water supply, purchase of puffer, purchase of efficient pellet thermo-stove) ranges from 4,000 to 5,500 euros.

For more information on the use of the puffer and the prices of pellet thermo-stoves, please read the article: pellet stoves for hot water.

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