One million citizens to promote renewables with Anter

One million citizens to promote renewables with Anter

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Promote renewables it should be a daily gesture, one mission obvious and universal, a virtuous custom “that I hardly notice I do it” like when you close your door without noticing. I hope that's the case for many of us, but promote renewables together, in the square, with a million and more green hearts than others, it would be a whole other emotion. And it will be.

Ready to live it? Just missing: Anter is inviting us from 26 to 29 May to shout together "Let's save the breath of the Earth". An appeal to those who do not yet have the good habit of promoting renewables, made by those who have it and are proud of it.

What is there to shout about, some will say, and moreover in the square and so many. First of all, I hope that the million is well exceeded, in these four days organized by Anter. As for how, still Anter reminds us that 2030 is the year indicated by many experts as a point of no return due to the consequences of planetary climate disaster caused by pollution.

Let's not wait for 2029, in an armchair: everyone in the square and "Let's save the breath of the Earth"Because already today with an easy count on our fingers we can know how old we will be, and how many our son, grandson or son in the florist. All the children of Italy.

The initiative "Let's save the Breath of the Earth"Has also recently obtained the patronage of Indire - National Institute for Documentation Innovation Innovative Research.

Anter shakes us, with numbers, but invites us with firm sweetness to this national event, it does so as an association with a long experience in the sector, and aims to invade the squares of the country with crowds of citizens who want to invest their time for their future . With moments of training and discussion on the theme of clean energies, opportunities for meeting and sharing good practices, good hopes, good experiences.

A year has passed since the Encyclical "Laudato si ', on the care of our common home " of Pope Francis: everyone knows what he has done in this span of time in his own small way promote renewables. Nobody asks to take stock, so the answer, looking around, with the timer aimed at the very near 2030, is: we can do more. IS' "Let's save the breath of the Earth ", as long as we have time, I would add, with Anter's permission.

The goal of this association with a 100% green heart, for these 4 days of the square, is to make our country make a qualitative leap. Yes, we are a lazy boot, but we can and must make an effort, to hinge on our awareness of the benefits of using clean energies and make our voices heard. One by one, but from 26 to 29 May all together.

To feel more part of the conscious people as Anter teaches us we can right from official site get the graphics to create an ad hoc t-shirt for the event. Or to customize our social bulletin board, or to fill the boards of the places we frequent with posters of Anter and the good initiative.

The square belongs to everyone, but looking to 2030, it will be nice to see it full of children, letting them, just them, calendar in hand, expressly ask adults for a real assumption of responsibility in the present. It is now, it is from 26 to 29 May, that promote renewables together in the square is a way to show our will as Italians to defend the planet that we will leave at future generations.

It is not new that Anter wants to put children at the center of its initiatives: this association has developed skills day by day, in numerous schools, those it has reached and enlightened that "Il Sole in Classe".

It is a training project created to spread the knowledge and the correct use of renewable energies among the children and young people who attend primary and lower secondary schools. In the last two years (2014-2016) not yet completed, there are already 700 schools scattered in 19 regions that have hosted Anter giving them the opportunity to sensitize 68 thousand young citizens and inviting them to promote renewables.

Returning to the May appointment, sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment and Protection of the Territory and the Sea and open to all children of today, yesterday and tomorrow, for the occasion Anter organized the descent into the streets with the support of NWG Energia, active in the trading of electricity produced only by renewables.

Today Italy is one of the most avant-garde European realities in the investments in renewables, clean sources contribute 17% to the production of energy in our country, but this must only lead us to scream in many and even louder "Let's save the breath of the Earth". To learn more about the program and contents, as well as to obtain the webkit and the graphics to take to the streets in perfect "renewable" style, there is the site

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