Homemade Grafting Putty

Homemade Grafting Putty

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Homemade Grafting Putty: a guide that will show you how to make a putty for grafts with the DIYThe do-it-yourself putty will help you protect any plant wound (from pruning, accidental, grafting…).

There are several on the marketmastics for graftingand pruning ready for use. The purchase price of these products is not very high: on Amazon a mastic for grafts with an excellent quality / price ratio is offered at a cost of about 11 euros with free shipping costs. This is Arbokol Graft Mastic, a mixture of resins and healing substances.

Ready-to-use mastic for grafts

The mastic for grafts that we have mentioned, as well as most of the products we find on the market, manages to perform its function thanks to a special formulation: the beneficial effect of putty pre-packaged, it is guaranteed by a balanced combination of resins with elastic film, vegetable oils, softeners, cicatrizants, pH and copper regulators that help prevent the attacks of diseases and bacteria, at the same time help to heal the wound of the plant.

At home it is not possible to produce amastic for graftsperfect, you will need too many ingredients and the purchase of each single ingredient, in small doses, may no longer be economically convenient. At home, however, we can prepare a fluid paste very similar to the mastic for grafts that we find on the market and with the addition of essential oils we can obtain comparable results.

Homemade grafting mastic

Theputty for DIY graftsis a spreadable fluid paste that acts as a kind ofpatchwhich goes to protect the wounds of plants. It increases the chances of a graft taking root but it is equally useful during pruning, especially if you find yourself pruning a plant that has just been attacked by a parasite or a plant that you have recently planted.

You can realize someputty for DIY graftsby mixing vinyl glue with copper sulfate, more commonly known asverdigris. If you have powdered verdigris at home, you can add it, in very small doses, directly into the vinyl glue. If the verdigris is in soluble granules, you must first dissolve it in water (in a minimum amount of water, as little as possible) and then add it to the vinyl glue.

If you want aputtyeven morenatural, you can mix the vinyl glue with the essential oil of the tea tree, also known astea tree oil. Tea tree essential oil offers marked antiseptic properties; in particular, the essential oil of the Tea Tree has an antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral effect, perfectly suited for the purpose. To prepare thisnatural masticyou can add a teaspoon of tea tree essential oil to about 225 ml of vinyl glue.

The vinyl glue is non-toxic to plants and forms a natural patch that adheres perfectly to the incision of thegrafting(or pruning or accidental injury) carrying out a protective and healing action because it is waterproof. While on the one hand the vinyl glue acts as a waterproofing agent, on the other hand, the essential oil of tea tree works as a natural repellent for a large number of parasites.

To learn about all the uses of Tea Tree Essential Oil, I refer you to the guide: "how to use tea tree oil ".

How to use homemade grafting mastic

The homemade grafting masticit is used just like you would with a store-bought one. The soft texture putty it allows a homogeneous spreading and therefore effectiveness in the treatment. The paste should be spread or brushed on the grafting or pruning incisions.

Unlike theputtyready to use, thedo-it-yourself puttybased on vinyl glue is semi-transparent. When the plant has completed its healing process, thedo-it-yourself puttyit will begin to rise naturally (it will be the plant tissues themselves that make it lift from the plant, just like with ready-to-use mastic) and you can remove it without any effort.

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