Hops essential oil

Hops essential oil

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Hops essential oil: properties, uses, contraindications and where to buy it. Benefits and extraction process of hops essential oil.

Hops, botanically known asHumulus lupulus, is a flowering plant belonging to the Cannabaceae family and to the same order as nettles! It is a perennial plant that with its stems can reach a height of 7 meters.

The hop is an authentic discovery for the world of herbal medicine and alternative medicine: up to now, more than 1000 chemicals have been identified in hops that are found in different quantities in extracts such as essential oils and mother tinctures. Among the active substances of hops we mention bitter acids, prenylated flavonoids, flavonolic glycosides such as kempferol, quercetin, quercitrin, rutin and astragaline. It will include appreciable quantities of tannins that can reach or even exceed 4%.

How to use hops and its essential oil

If you have a hop cultivation, just pick a few leaves to make the most of the benefits of this plant: two cups a day of an herbal tea prepared by infusing 10 grams of dry leaves of the plant are enough.

L'essential oil of hops it is very fragrant and is recommended foraromatherapy in those environments intended for relaxation: even better in the bedroom as it has aphrodisiac properties.

L'essential oil of hopsis a very versatile natural remedy: thanks to its calming and sedative properties it is perfect for treating anxiety! Diluted in sweet almond oil it can create a massage ointment with an emollient effect. Diluted in avocado oil, theessential oil of hops it can create a useful ointment in case of itching.

Side effects are rare but there may be interactions with tranquilizers and antidepressants, so we recommend that you consult your doctor before taking them.

Essential oil of hops, properties

L'essential oil of hopsit is extracted from the strobili by steam distillation. The color of hops essential oil varies from straw yellow to amber red.

The main ones property ofessential oil of hopsI'm:

  • aphrodisiac
  • emollient
  • diuretic
  • soporific
  • sedative
  • bactericidal
  • astringent
  • invigorating
  • antiseptic
  • antimicrobial

Steam distillation uses steam as a temporary vehicle to "extract" the active ingredients ofhop, the final product is a distillate in liquid form obtained through the condensation of vapor. Alternatively, the active ingredients of hops are collected with the classic infusion and the use of a solvent, thus themother tincture of hops.

Mother tincture of hops

L'essential oil of hopsit is very rare and difficult to find on the market. A valid alternative to essential oil is the non-alcoholic mother tincture. There tincture has a milder effect for topical use but it is also true that being less concentrated, it can be used more lightly: a contraindication of essential oils consists in the fact that these substances are irritants and can never be used as well. Before use, an essential oil must be diluted from 0.5 to 3% in another oily substance of a vegetable nature called carrier oil or carrier oil. With themother tincture of hopsyou will not have to perform any precautions before use.

Hops mother tincture, where to buy it

Among the best products on the market we point out theMother tincture of hops Maximum Strength,it is an unusual mother tincture as it is not alcoholic. The indicated hop mother tincture is prepared by extracting the active ingredients of hops grown organically. Preserves the active ingredients of the plant by preserving them in a mixture of high quantity vegetable glycerin and demineralized water. While not a essential oil, we have reported this product to you because it has a high percentage of active ingredients (1: 1 ratio). A 50ml bottle ofHops mother tincture Maximum Strengthyou can buy it on Amazon at a price of about 16.50 euros.

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