Allergies, natural remedies and advice

Allergies, natural remedies and advice

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Allergies, natural remedies: practical advice and solutions to alleviate the symptoms of allergies and rediscover a well-being that now seems almost forgotten.

It is estimated that about one third of the world population has encountered the problem ofallergies. In this article we will see how to defend ourselves from allergies by following some small precautions to be applied in our daily life. Natural remedies and ad hoc solutions to relieve all symptoms.

Defend yourself fromallergiesit is possible and the first step is to make our home allergen-proof! Anyone who has already tried it knows that it is really difficult: powders, chemical detergents, fabrics, animal hair, pollen, furniture at risk, indoor pollution ... if you don't have the right foundation it is impossible to extricate yourself.

At home, one should be adoptedecological environmental prophylaxisso as to reduce the presence of allergens and organic or chemical contaminants. From furnishings to classic household cleaning: do you know that most of the chemical detergents used for household cleaning (but also for personal hygiene!) Contain allergenic agents? Many body care products are rich in ingredientssensitizers, that is, that predispose the subject to allergies, it seems absurd but it is true! When you use certain artificial cleaners, you only feed your problem.

Allergies, natural remedies

Continuous and controlled air changes

After what is specified in the introduction, it is clear that air exchange could be the first ally of comfort for those trying to counteract the symptoms of an allergy linked to indoor pollution, however, those who are also afflicted by seasonal allergies will have to reckon with pollen.

The systems ofventilation with heat recoverymore advanced, they have filters capable of purifying the air before entering the house, in this way you will limit indoor pollution and filter the incoming air.

Purify the air in the house with a HEPA filter

If you do not have the possibility to install a ventilation system with filters to purify the air, you can purchase small appliances that can eliminate 99.9% of allergens present in the home. Suspended in the air of the house, together with the emissions of furniture and chemical detergents, there are organic particles such as pollen, mites and various debris. The best filtration systems have a Hepa filter,High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter: this filtor holds theallergensdispersed in the air of closed environments. They are recommended for those who, amongsymptomsallergy, signals rhinitis, itching, sore throat and nasal congestion.

For more information on the performance of air purifiers, please refer to the dedicated page: air purifiers.

The laundry: washing and rinsing

How the detergents we use to wash the house leaveresidues, even washing machine detergents are not far behind. Residues from detergents can trigger allergic reactions in the respiratory tract and skin. Allergic dermatitis is a very widespread problem, wanting to exclude triggers of a psychosomatic nature, the most important allergens are contained in the fabrics and detergents we use for the laundry. In this case we advise you to use hypoallergenic products and, when washing in the washing machine, do not hesitate to use detergent very sparingly and rinse thoroughly.

The ecological detergents are subjected to tests that certify the absence of heavy metals and allergenic substances such as nickel, chromium and cobalt. Conversely, conventional detergents can contain heavy metals and other allergens that penetrate the textile fibers and trigger a large number of symptoms.

Allergies, natural remedies
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