Cleaning of floor joints

Cleaning of floor joints

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Cleaning of floor joints: practical instructions to refurbish a floor by eliminating the black encrusted between the tiles.

Even the most beautiful and precious floor, withblack leaksand dirty, it can heavily penalize an environment. White or at least clean joints, make the floor brighter and brighter, managing to enhance the entire context in which the tiles are inserted.

Cleaning of floor joints: routine maintenance

Ordinary maintenance does not always prevent the accumulation of dirt between thetile joints unless it is performed with special tools. Set aside brooms, scoops and rags to wash the floors: if the tiles are very exposed to dirt (atmospheric agents, dust, kitchen vapors, soil ...), routine maintenance should be carried out with a pressure washer or steam cleaner.

Clean the joints with steam

Steam cleaners can clean the house using thepower(expressed in pressure) and the heat of the steam delivered.

Many steam appliances are equipped with brush kits that are perfect for cleaning the joints, even in the case ofceramic floors. It is not necessary to spend a fortune or buy high-end products: a good steam cleaner, on Amazon, can be bought at a price of 65.05 euros with free shipping. The device in question is the Clatronic DR 3280 model, offers a cleaning set of 10 accessories and is capable of delivering high pressure steam (up to 4 bar!).

Do-it-yourself cleaning of floor joints

For DIY cleaning you will need the classicelbow grease, a semi-rigid bristle brush able to fit between the tile joints and lots of good will.

If you prefer a do-it-yourself cleaning, you should lean down and scrub the perimeter of each tile on your floor individually.

It is a difficult job but it bears fruit… unless the dirt that has settled in the joints has already settled. In this case you will not only need a brush but you may need a special scraper. Those who prefer natural remedies can use a brush and baking soda mixed with a little water.

Products for whitening tile joints

After cleaning the joints with brushes and / or steam cleaners, if you are still not satisfied with the result you can use a detergentbleaching. This product should not be used forto cleantile and tile joints, but strives forwhitenisrenewthe white of the joints. On the market there are bleachers of different brands (the most popular aresaratogaispattex). The bleaching Saratogait is enriched with a particular anti-mold agent that counteracts the propagation of bacteria, fungi and molds, preventing the formation of the typical black spots that form in the presence of humidity.

The joint bleachers are not suitable for renewing the joints between natural stones or in the case of terracotta floors and coverings.Useful links: Bleach grout on Amazon

If theescapes are black, a steam dispenser, even at high pressure, may not be as effective as a product forwhiten the joints. The reason? Dirt builds up or even penetrates the joint. The tile joints are often made with porous material. Those who install the tiles do not always choose high quality products for the joints… so these become difficult to clean because in practice they absorb dirt.

Cleaning of bathroom tile joints

Bathroom tiles that often come into contact with water can give rise to mold or blackening problems. In this case, it is possible to replace the deteriorated cementitious joint with a ready-to-use spreadable sealant. It is a practical solution widely used in the case of shower stalls or even in swimming pools.

The work of replacing the cementitious joint can also be done with the DIY, it will be enough to have a good manual skills. First of all, with a scraper, the deteriorated cement grout is removed to a depth of about 2 mm in the case of bathroom tiles and up to 4 mm in the case of a swimming pool floor.

The Fcementitious uga it must be completely removed and all residual dust residues must be removed. When the joints are free and empty, it will be possible to spread the sealant with a construction trowel. There are epoxy sealants of different finishes and colors on the market, some models guarantee resistance to mold, yellowing and UV rays.

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