Inground or above ground swimming pool, guide to choosing

Inground or above ground swimming pool, guide to choosing

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Inground or above ground pool:what to consider before buying an above ground pool or starting work on an inground pool. Permits, materials and installation.

Therepool, underground or above ground be it, it is the perfect solution when the scorching heat invades our home: a dip in the pool solves everything and washes away any pain! Before installing a inground or above ground pool, there are important factors to consider, let's do it together!

Above or above ground pool

The above ground or above ground pools they are practical and within everyone's reach. There are many models on the market, able to adapt to any outdoor environment and any wallet. Thereabove ground poolit can be installed in a practical way, without the need to ask for permits or to dig into the ground. You just have to buy it and place it in the garden ... those who have a spacious house can consider installing oneabove ground poolin the home, perhaps in the living room or on the patio!

Themonobloc above ground poolsrepresent a good solution for those who do not want to invest a lot of money or for those who do not have land that is suitable for excavating (if they are notauthorizationsby the municipality of residence).

The materials

On the market there are self-supporting structures or with the need for a support structure, rubber, fiberglass, wood, steel sheet or plastic pools. The above ground self-supporting pools must be placed on the flat ground. Before laying the soil, it will be necessary to work the soil: make it perfectly level, remove stones, roots and lay a cloth and then cover it with fine sand.

To improve the durability of above ground pools made of wood, steel or resin, it is recommended to create a concrete base where to place them. The cheapest above ground pools are made of plastic material, it is a rigid or inflatable plastic, self-supporting or supported by a structure composed of metal pipes. At the time of purchase you must inquire about the return of the material: someabove ground poolsthey must be disassembled during the winter season and placed in a covered shelter. For all information on above-ground pools, please read the dedicated page:Above ground pools.

Inground or semi-inground pool

Thereinground pool, unlike the one above ground, it is a choicelasting over the years, indeed, with the right maintenance it is a permanent work that will significantly increase the value of the property. When choosing oneinground pool, based on your aesthetic (and practical) needs, you can decide to build an inground pool flush or with a raised edge.

To build ainground poolit is necessary to have a flat surface, well exposed to the sun and away from trees and shrubs. Trees and shrubs negatively impact the quality of the water and, in some cases, the structure of the pool. The optimal size for oneinground poolfor family use they amount to 4 x 8 meters with a depth between 120 and 150 cm.

Inground pool, excavation permits

Building ainground poolrequires authorization from the municipality of residence. Before starting work, you need to go to the town planning office of your municipality of residence and find out about the procedure to follow. The directives on excavations for the construction of ainground poolvary from region to region.

Generally, the project of theinground poolit must be signed and filed by a technician. Municipal administrations, in order torefuse excavation permit, must justify the refusal in writing. In fact, for theconstruction of an inground swimming pool, today, the procedure to follow is undemanding. The documentation to be delivered to the municipality is very streamlined; in fact, according to the municipality of residence, one will sufficeDIAdeclaration of beginning of activityor SCIAcertified notification of the start of business.

Other choices: natural pool and hydromassage pool

If you do not have excavation permits, you can evaluate above ground whirlpool pools: some models, in addition to whirlpool, allow you to set programs capable of heating the water. If you have excavation permits, consider setting up onebio-pool. In this case we invite you to visit the page dedicated toNatural swimming pool.

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