How much does an inground pool cost

How much does an inground pool cost

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How much does an inground pool cost? All information on costs, maintenance, permits, filtering systems and preliminary assessments.

Aswimming pool in the gardenrepresents theentrance ticketfor paradise on the hottest and busiest days of summer. If, after an initial moment of indecision you didn't know whether to take oneinground pool or above ground pool, you have opted for the more permanent solution, all you have to do is make the latest evaluations before purchasing. Yep, unlike onepoolabove ground, theinground poolit is seen as a real permanent solution.

The purchase and installation cost represents an initial investment that can give you life-long benefits. Sure, theinground pooljust like your home, it needs regular maintenance. We will not leave anything out in this article.

How much does an inground pool cost

THEcostsof ainground poolthey fluctuate a lot according to the installation characteristics and the chosen model. Thecostof ainground poolis determined by several factors, such as:

The dimensions

For family use, a 4 × 8 swimming pool with a depth between 120 and 150 cm will suffice.


The cheapest inground pool has a rectangular shape, the rectangular shape is also cheaper in maintenance costs because it is much easier to clean and cover. On the other hand, those who want a greater aesthetic impact can choose an oval, figure-of-eight or decorative edge pool.

The material

The structure of the pool can be made with more or less valuable materials. Even thein-ground pools in fiberglassthey differ from each other because they can exploit mixed technology or simple reinforced concrete.

The coating

The coating is very different from the structural material. There are many more choices and the final cost of the inground pool increases in proportion to the customer's needs. The most common coverings are those in pvc, tiles or mosaic. The cheapest coating is a layer of paint.


The inground pool can have a raised edge to be flush with the ground. In both cases it is necessary to consider the costs for the construction of the perimeter flooring at the same pool.

The filter system

The beating heart of ainground poolconsists of the water filtration and recycling system. The filtration system retains the impurities present and purifies the water. The recycling system, on the other hand, conveys the water from the pool to the filtration system. They work in synergy and to ensure that the pool water is always clean, you need to choose a good filtering group. On the market there are low voltage immersion filters (for small in-ground pools) and more sophisticated filtering groups that work with a technology nicknamed "sand".


Depending on the excavation and the type of soil in the garden, the costs of building ainground poolthey can increase or decrease. The ground must not be built-up, rocky or landslide, in this case it is necessary to proceed with adjustment works to make the excavation ground stable and compact.

Stylistic elements and added values

It is possible to choose swimming pools with cascading edges, pools with ladders or with a progressive descent into the water, inground pools with whirlpool function or with the possibility of heating the water, inground pools with natural stone finishes or even,inground poolsthat during the winter season and the period of inactivity can “disappear” thanks to special shutters to be applied flush with the flooring.

Returning to the questionhow much does an inground pool cost, we tell you that it is impossible to talk aboutcostsaverage because they are tailor-made creations with very variable purchase and installation costs. Let's say the minimum expense to buy and install oneeconomic inground pool is baby, with small dimensions (3x5m and 1.2m deep), in blue PVC, with sand filter system, it amounts to about 2,500 euros, excluding the expenses foreseen for the construction of the perimeter flooring.

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