Horsetail herbal tea

Horsetail herbal tea

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Horsetail herbal tea: properties and benefits. Beneficial properties of horsetail infusion for hair and skin care.

L'horsetail, botanicallyEquisetum, is commonly known by the nameponytailand is famous for its manybeneficial properties. The ears, better called amazing, are placed at the top of the stem and contain small pockets filled with a green-blue powder ... this substance is nothing but reproductive material: at the time of reproduction, thehorsetailreleases its spores to the wind.

Where to collect the horsetail

Due to its ease of growth, it is considered almost a weed. It thrives spontaneously in any humid environment, so you can find itpony tailalong the banks of waterways throughout Italy.

Of thepony tailwe are interested in the stems, which will have to be harvested between the end of spring and the beginning of summer. The stems, once collected, are dried in the sun and then used in the preparation ofinfusions and herbal teas.

Why are we interested in kegs? Why is the rhizomatous root of thepony tail, going deep, it absorbs large quantities of minerals, especially silica, which it transfers to the stems with a classic ponytail appearance (hence thepony tail). During the infusion, the kegs will transfer a good part of those nutrients to the water, so as to prepare a mineralizing drink, useful for counteracting aging. Not all micronutrients and active ingredients present in thepony tailwill be transferred to the water: some substances are sensitive to heat so they are deactivated and lose effectiveness.

Infusion and horsetail tea

Infusions, decoctions, macerates and herbal teas give us the possibility to collect in a liquid suspension most of the active ingredients contained in the plant cells of plants.

In this circumstance, the plant tissues in question are those of thehorsetailand are rich in active ingredients. Through a mechanism of cellular lysis, the plant wall as well as the plasma membrane swell and break, letting the active principles immersed in the cytoplasm escape into the liquid (in water). In this way, the infusion of horsetail becomes a true concentrate of well-being!

Horsetail herbal tea, properties and benefits

Therehorsetail teait is popular for its multiple virtues. It has diuretic properties, so much so that the infusion is particularly useful for preventing kidney disorders such as stones. Highly recommended to counteract water retention and to perform a functiontoned.

Therehorsetail teais rich in mineral salts: thepony tail, in fact, it is considered excellentremineralizing.

For the care of skin and hair, horsetail is the right natural remedy. In particular, it counteracts hair loss and alopecia. Thanks to the action it plays on the articular cartilages and bone tissue, it helps to recover physical shape following surgery and fractures.

The horsetail tea is diuretic, detoxifying, rich in vitamins and minerals and is an excellent natural supplement for our diet.

Equisetum herbal tea, how to do it

How to prepare a horsetail tea? Very simple, you just need to collect the tops of theequisetum, let it dry and chop coarsely. Fill two level spoons and infuse them in boiling water (over the heat) for 10 minutes. For two level spoons of horsetail you can use a cup of boiling water.

Dry extract of horsetail

Those who do not have the plant can use the horsetail extract to buy at a herbalist's shop or by taking advantage of the online purchase. The dry extract allows us to take a good dose of the active ingredients present in horsetail without having to give up the thermolabile substances that are deactivated in contact with boiling water.

The tablets are also a valuable aid for the skin: the concentration of the active ingredients is such as to improve the elasticity of the tissues as well as providing a high dose of precious minerals for the bones and our circulatory system. Moreover, thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties, the tablets help to soothe different types of joint pain.

As stated, horsetail extract is easy to find. On Amazon, a bottle of horsetail-based tablets can be bought at a price of 9.75 euros and free shipping. For all information, I refer you to the Amazon page of the product:Natural source of silicon

Horsetail, contraindications

Therehorsetail teait is contraindicated during pregnancy and during lactation. Other contraindications are for patients suffering from hypertension: the active ingredients of horsetail can interact with medications for arterial hypertension and diuretic drugs.

Horsetail tincture

If you have plants ofpony tailorhorsetailyou can use them for the preparation ofherbal teasor dyes. To take advantage of thenatural dyeofhorsetail it will be necessary to exploit the green shoots that have reached the peak of their development. When I "mature ", the buds, show off shades of gray. For thepreparation of a natural tincture with horsetailit is recommended to work with the dried plant, which is easy to find in garden supply stores.

For all the instructions, please read the article containing the instructions forPrepare a tincture with horsetail. The tincture can be taken in drops to be diluted in another drink, it can be used 2 or 3 times a day for at least a month. In any case, we recommend that you consult your doctor to investigate any contraindications based on your personal medical history.

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