Bicycle lubricants

Bicycle lubricants

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Bicycle lubricants: grease and oil to lubricate the chain and other risk components of the bike. Which lubricant to use? Petrol, grease, petroleum, oil… Here is all the useful information to carry out the correct maintenance of the bicycle.

Lubricate bikes, racing bikes, city bikes or mtb bikes

The components to be lubricated in a bicycle, whether it be a racing bike, a hybrid, a pure city bike or a mtb, are always the same. What makes the difference is the type of lubricant to use and we will see this later. In this paragraph we point out which are the components of the bike that must be lubricated:

  • chain
  • bearing components such as
    - wheel hubs
    - headset
    - central brackets ...

Bicycle lubricants: grease

Thefatnot a good onelubricantforbike,especially if you intend to lubricate onemountain biking. The grease has an excellent yield, manages to protect the components but has a defect, it retains dirt. If you travel on dusty roads, in the city or worse, in the countryside, you should avoid grease because the small particles of dirt that it holds end up exerting an abrasive action on the components you are trying tosafeguard.

To lubricate the chain and other components of the bikewith grease, do your evaluations: before using grease think about where you will go with your bike. For racing bikes that move purely on clean asphalt, grease is ideal because it has an excellent yield.

Grease is also ideal if you intend to go out on a bicycle on very humid or rainy days: it is perfectly resistant to water.

The grease can help you protect the threads of the bike to avoid binding.

There are several on the marketbicycle greases, from generic grease to the most modern Teflon grease, lithium grease and copper grease. Among the various technologies, we recommend lithium grease (also known as white grease) because it at least partially solves the problem of dust retention: it creates a very thin but extremely weatherproof anti-seize layer. In addition, lithium grease has a protective action as well as a lubricant: due to its "delicacy" (it is not aggressive) it is also used on photographic equipment while it was chosen by the nautical industry for its resistance to water. Generally this grease is sold in tubes, an example is the XP Line Lithium Grease product offered on Amazon at a price of € 10.12. However, if you already have Teflon grease at home, don't hesitate to use that because it is an equally good product.

Use the grease to lubricate more repaired components such as headset bearings, bottom brackets and hubs. To lubricate the bike chain, avoid grease, even if the latest generation such as white, Teflon or copper grease.

Bicycle lubricants: svitol or WD-40

You should avoid such productssvitolor WD40 because they tend to wear off quickly and the chain will end up running dry within a few pedal strokes. Products such as Svitol or WD40, have a high cleaning power, so they can be useful in case of cleaning the bike but ineffective in case of lubrication.

Bicycle lubricant: dry or wet

Dry lubricant is a Teflon additive that does not cause dust to stick and is suitable for lubricating the bike chain. On the other hand, it does not resist water well and should be applied often because it tends to disperse (it should be applied several times in the case of a long distance). The "wet" lubricant can attract dust and dirt but has the advantage of having an excellent yield so it is perfect for those who use racing bikes for long distances.

The lubricanthumidit can be silicone or ceramic based, between the two we recommend ceramic based ones because they offer a high adhesive power and excellent durability (they resist humidity, evaporation, rain ...). The ceramic lubricating oil does not present the problem of dust especially when used in humid environments or on wet surfaces. Among the best ratio lubricantsquality pricewe recommend the C3 Dry Lube bike chain lubricant proposed on Amazon at the price of 10.80 euros. It is sold with a special spout / applicator that also allows you to reach the inside of the chain links.

Before each application of the bicycle lubricants, and even after intense use, it is recommended to clean and degrease the chain thoroughly, eliminating any residual dirt.

For all information on how to lubricate the bike chain, please refer to the dedicated pageLubricate the bike chain.

Bike lubricants, to avoid

Absolutely avoid car grease, petrol, petroleum or other fuels. White petroleum can be useful in the maintenance ofbicyclebut only to eliminate any traces of rust or restore an old rusty bike chain.

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