Recovery of unsold food: the Good Meal initiative

Recovery of unsold food: the Good Meal initiative

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Recovery of unsold food, is the mission of Pasto Buono, the anti-waste project in the food sector born from an idea of ​​the entrepreneur Gregorio Fogliani, president of QUI! Group, an active company whose core business is meal vouchers. In 2015, FAO entered Good meal among the world best practices, as part of the "SAVE FOOD" project against world hunger, noting how the Recovery of unsold food is an excellent strategy to help those most in need.

The recognition only confirms the value of a commitment that the HERE Foundation, a non-profit organization founded in Genoa and active since 2007 in the collection of unsold food, demonstrates in everyday life. And in the case of this reality always wanted by Fogliani it is not a way of saying.

Every day happens the Recovery of unsold food: starting by identifying food surpluses from catering establishments, including restaurants, bars, cafeterias but also delis and food shops. The second phase is that of distribution of food to needy families and charitable canteens, naturally free of charge to those who are in difficulty in every area.

From its inception to today Fogliani around the Good meal has been able to bring together many subjects, both large and small, all sensitive in their own area to the theme of recovering unsold food and all available, each with their own resources and their own range of action, to lend a hand. And to donate the surplus. Agreement after agreement, Recovery of unsold food after Recovery of unsold food, in a capillary and extended door-to-door action at the same time, the quota of 800 thousand meals recovered and donated, of which 300 thousand in 2015 alone.

A great hand especially in raising awareness was given by Expo Milan, with the launch of the Food Policy and the creation of the Milan Charter but Fogliani proved a precursor and in 2015 the Recovery of unsold food of Good Meal it was already an established business and also very well.

The project immediately put the food premises in contact with the local non-profit organizations, creating a virtuous circle in which surpluses are "saved" and used to do good. This newspaper Recovery of unsold food local has been and will be replicable everywhere Good meal will identify premises willing to donate their unsold items. HERE Foundation, now an expert, will put them in contact with the closest reality.

In addition to numerous small companies in the food world, Pasto Buono has also won great partners who have shown themselves attentive to the recovery of unsold food. The Cremonini group, for example, it joined the project in 2015 and starting from the point of sale Chef Express of Roma Termini, with the idea of ​​expanding the initiative to the rest of Italy, has already reached Milan and is just the beginning.

Another great one Fogliani's ally is the Tirrenia company which today makes available unsold items from the restaurants on its ships, donating meals in the ports of Genoa, Naples and Cagliari. And also Civitavecchia where the Unsold Food Recovery has as beneficiaries the Community of Sant’Egidio and the migrant camp of Roma Tiburtina.

It seems automatic that the food that is still excellent, intact and healthy, that the food exercises throw away every day can become a resource for those in difficulty, but between saying and doing you notice the difference and the difference is made by people like Fogliani which has made virtuous his work in close contact with the catering sector.

It was enough for him to talk to the managers to notice the unsold problem at the end of the day and instead of nodding and saying, "I realize" he took action, giving life to a project such as Good meal which, in addition to being "good" for Genoa, has proved to be replicable indefinitely. The only constraint is that there are people who, in the wake of entrepreneurs like Fogliani, look to Recovery of unsold food as an action that can lend a great hand worldwide.

If on the business side, word of mouth and competition to those with the most generous heart is well underway, but never enough, one cannot fail to mention as an integral and essential part of the project those who do good by vocation, but not without facing difficulties and unexpected events. . I'm talking about the non-profit organizations active on the Italian territory, in particular those of the eight Italian cities so far involved by Pasto Buono in Recovery of unsold food: Genoa, Milan, Mantua, Rome, Florence, Civitavecchia, Naples and Cagliari.

In fact, the free and daily work of volunteers from Caritas, the Italian Red Cross, CSV, and the Community of Sant’Egidio that from city to city take charge of both Recovery of unsold food and its consequent delivery to those in need.

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